After Rhinoplasty: Swelling Is Common

Noses: Like Sponges, They Swell After Rhinoplasty

After a nose job, patients often ask “how long is it going to take for the swelling to go away ?” Following rhinoplasty or any type of nasal surgery, a process known as edema — swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body’s tissues — sets in.

That swelling is completely normal in the skin overlying the nose and even a bit in the adjacent cheeks. During a rhinoplasty procedure, tissue around the nose is manipulated. The body’s automatic response is to send fluid into the area. The swelling remains for several days and then starts to diminish.

How Long After A Nose Job Does Swelling Persist?

Typically within seven to 10 days after rhinoplasty, much of the swelling and bruising is gone. The tissue retains water, but only shortly after the procedure. The natural process of healing results in a gradual release of water from the area affected in surgery.

If you have had other plastic surgery procedures, you may recall that there was also post-operative swelling then. And that after that procedure, it gradually disappeared. Likewise, after a week or two, your nose will not show enough swelling to draw anybody’s attention. By then, patients are back to work or school, back to their usual exercise programs and back to their normal daily lives.

As the body heals the affected facial tissues, the swelling continues receding around the nose and cheeks for several months. This is why rhinoplasty after pictures are typically taken around the 3rd or 4th month for our Before and After Picture Galleries.  As all experienced rhinoplasty surgeons know, it takes up to a full year for the residual swelling to dissipate completely. But usually, by that time, you have a good, natural looking nose without obvious swelling. And, therefore, the victory has been achieved for your plastic surgery.

But if you want no swelling at all, consider permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty.  Also, it’s 80 percent less than surgery.


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