Rhinoplasty’s Extra Blessings:Confidence, Mood & Energy

Starting Rhinoplasty

Too many painful remarks about an unusual or ungainly nose shape often leads to time spent searching a mirror to see that nose from the side.

Searchers are looking for relief from less-than-perfect noses by looking for:

The perfect facial plastic surgeon to create a nose that:

  • Does not attract attention
  • Fits the person’s face
  • Flatters the profile

(More about locating a good facial plastic surgeon.)

And if the nose job procedure goes well, the patient will:

  • Not only have an attractive nose, but:
  • A new source of self-confidence from knowing no more teasing or wise cracks about that nose will follow.

          (See some rhinoplasty before & after pictures.)

But that’s not all: the extra benefits of rhinoplasty are often not known to the general public. Sure, the plan was to create a more attractive nose, but not much more work is required of the surgeon to also open up a blocked nasal airway.

Benefit 1: People who have had lifelong breathing difficulty due to twisted passages inside the nose or some other nasal condition become used to a breathing woe.

Imagine their surprise after healing when snoring ceases, allowing precious air to flood their noses and enrich their lungs.

Because some feel so much better and have more energy, they take up a sport.

Top rhinoplasty surgeons often address two or more internal issues while performing rhinoplasty or sinus surgery.

          (More about nose blocking conditions.)

Nasal healing goes much better and facilitates easy breathing through a patented device known as the Kotler Nasal Airway (KNA.) Before, medication soaked cotton  alone was stuffed up into the nose to:

  • promote healing
  • hold changed internal nasal anatomy in place

But now, the medication soaked cotton is wrapped around the KNA tubes and then inserted into the nose.

Result? The patient breathes easier while healing.

                   (Learn more about the KNA)

Extra Rhinoplasty Benefit 2: Easy breathing means deeper and more restorative sleep. Once obstructive nasal tissue no longer deprives the lungs, the person:

  • Falls asleep quicker
  • Stays asleep the entire night
  • Rises in the morning feeling full of energy

Extra benefit 3: Not many realize it, but breathing also has an effect on mood. Why?  Sufficient oxygen is required for your nervous system to fully function.

Given less than optimal air, the result could be:

  • Minor cases of depression
  • Some anxiety
  • Higher instances of irritability



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