Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery

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To create more youthful upper and/or lower eyelids by removing as indicated, excess fat, lax muscle and redundant skin. Upper and lower eyelid surgeries can be performed independent of one another or together.


General anesthesia is administered by a physician anesthesiologist specializing in facial procedures. Under anesthesia there is no pain and no awareness. An intravenous is started and you “drift off to sleep.”


Approximately 1 hour in the operating room.

Recovery Room:

Usually 1 hour in a fully monitored and state of the art recovery room at the surgery center.

Eyelids Surgery Care

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Professional care is optional. If you choose to recover at home, someone must be with you the first night. As with all of our procedures, precise instruction, direction sheets and a “care package” of supplies and medications are provided.

Stitch Removal:

Upper eyelid stitches are removed between the 4th and 6th postoperative days. Lower eyelid stitches “dissolve” and therefore generally need no removal.

Return To Work, Normal Activities, Etc:

You can generally return to work, normal activities, etc. within 5 to 7 days. If during that first week there is significant swelling or bruising, it can be concealed by wearing sunglasses. Most are capable of reading, writing and light activity within 48 hours of surgery. Eye make-up can be applied after stitches are removed. No strenuous exercise for 10 days.

After That First Week:

Eyelid incisions are concealed in normal skin creases but are most visible in the first 4 weeks after surgery. Each day brings less visibility and generally by 6 weeks the incisions are nearly imperceptible. At night, to promote rapid healing, we advise a vitamin ointment which we provide.

For The First Several Months: Sunscreen should be used to reduce the chance of increased redness or pigmentation of the healing incisions.

Before After
Left : Before brow lift and upper blepharoplasty. Right : 2 weeks post operative brow lift and upper eyelid surgery.
Before After
Left : Before upper eyelid surgery and brow pexy. Right : 2 weeks postoperative upper eyelid surgery and brow pexy.