Megyn Kelly: Nose Job Flaw?

                NBC’s Megyn Kelly

As you probably know, newscaster Megyn Kelly in a matter of some months has gone from the host of The Kelly File to a Fox News anchor gig and now to NBC’s 9 a.m. Megyn Kelly Today.

She’s also widely known for facing off and grilling President Trump during the Republican presidential candidate race.

Now, understand that Megyn is not our patient and we have not examined her.

But her many pictures in magazines and online tell us a story, based on our experience with 5,000 nose jobs for patients from all 50 U.S. states and 33 nations.

Here’s why: a good part of our practices involves a type of nose job surgery known as revision rhinoplasty, a surgery correcting first nose jobs that were poorly done.

We can tell Kelly had at least one nose job, due to the groove on the left side of her nose. We’ve seen that flaw many times in unhappy patients who sometimes search for years for just the right cosmetic plastic surgeon with the skill, knowledge and experience to correct the marks left from an inept procedure.

In Megyn’s picture below, note the groove on the side of her nose. That groove results from taking out too much tissue during a nose job.

Note the groove on the side of Kelly’s nose

We also wonder why that groove has not been repaired. The usual reason is the patient dreads yet another surgery.

But another invasive surgery is not needed in such a nasal flaw. We have performed many permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasties during the last 38 years.

Here’s how it works: patients come in for short, office appointments. First, the nose is numbed.

Then, we inject with an extremely fine syringe needle (about the thickness of six human hairs) tiny drops of Silikon 1000, a substance approved for use inside the human eye.

Officially, the procedure is known as the “micro-droplet technique.”

The human body then builds a protective tissue wall around the drops, plumping out unwansted marks from inside the nose.

Then, we wait six weeks to examine the state of the patient’s nose, adding more Silikon if needed.

Moreover, the improvement is permanent, while most non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures use facial fillers that dissolves in a matter of months.

Most cases are handled in three such appointments. And there’s even more good news, not that Megyn would need it.

Permanent, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty usually costs about 80 percent less than a surgical rhinoplasty.


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