Cosmetic Tricks Of The Stars

Way back in the 1930’s, movie stars used cellophane tape to pull loose facial skin back behind their hair for a younger look. Do-it-yourself – but very basic temporary – cosmetic (non) surgery, as it were.

With the Oscars coming up February 26, more of those cosmetic do-it-yourself techniques will be done as the world’s eyes focus on The Oscars’ Red Carpet. A few examples:

Slimming down: Fast track diets, diuretics and laxatives are popular.

Clothing help: Push-up bras and other clothing gizmos that can lead to “wardrobe malfunctions” are used. Body wraps help tone up stars’ skin appearance by drawing out excess fluids, tightening skin and knocking off a few inches as well. But after the wraps are discarded, things  soon return to normal.

Face lifts via rubber bands. The best cosmetic use is with long hair that covers ears and cheeks. Hidden barrettes hold the hair close to the scalp; scotch tape is again used at age-revealing spots like the temple and just behind and under the neck. Rubber bands at the barrettes pull the facial and neck tissue up, mimicking the effect of a cosmetic surgical face and neck lift.

(See some face & neck lift before & after pictures.)

When only several weeks are left  before the gala, injecting facial fillers can provide a more youthful look, if only temporarily. The popular fillers Restylane®Juvéderm® and Sculptra® can plump lips and fill marionette lines, those pesky facial grooves that run from the nasal edges to the corners of the mouth.

Hollow places in the cheeks can also plumped with fillers. Some female stars have facial fillers injected into the soles of the feet for padding against walking on high or stiletto heels.

Few stars forget cosmetic use of BOTOX®, Dysport or Xeomin® to erase forehead lines, between-the-eyes wrinkles and crow’s feet. And if a celebrity is nervous about receiving — or not receiving — an award, BOTOX® can also be injected in the armpits to reduce sweating.

Downside: celebs know not to accept a  movie role too soon after the awards because they will have a less emotional face. Some have even referred to a face full of BOTOX® as “frozen.”

Some prescription medications like the blood pressure drug propranolol are also used; the drug slows the heart rate to stop facial sweating and reduce the jitters.

If the celebrity has a few weeks to spare, some cosmetic surgery offices can provide 

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