Bad Nose Job: Top 5 Signs

“You did WHAT to the Septum?!“

Good nose jobs – like all cosmetic surgery procedures — are never noticeable when done well. But when a lovely or handsome face has undergone a bad or overdone nose job, it just looks unnatural, unbalanced or fake.

Here are the most common five signs of poor rhinoplasty craftsmanship:

  • The profile is too scooped and the nasal bridge too low. That was caused by an inexperienced surgeon who filed down the nasal bone too much and shaved off too much cartilage inside the nose. Or, if the procedure was to correct a deviated septum)

    • An upturned nose. That happens when the nose is shortened too much. That rhinoplasty surgeon removed too much tissue from the front to the nasal tip, trying to raise the nose from the lip. By the way, that situation is very hard for another, more skilled nose job surgeon to correct.
    • A pinched nose. The surgeon overdid the procedure and took too much cartilage and internal nostril skin from the outside of the nostrils. Or the cartilage inside the tip of the nose was reduced too much. Narrowing the tip of the nose too much can also cause breathing woe for the patient.
    • The tip of the nose is as wide as the nasal bridge. The surgeon in this case did not recognize that the ideal, balanced and natural looking nose always has a nasal tip that is somewhat wider than the bridge. That relationship between the tip and bridge of the nose should have been left as it was, even if both were wider at the start of the procedure.
    • The nostrils look too wide or too large. That happens when the nose has been shortened or the surgeon did not notice just the floor of the nostrils was too wide and should have been shortened.

    One of the top talents nose job surgeons should show at the start of their training is a good sense of aesthetics and balance. In fact, many master rhinoplasty surgeons come from an artistic background or indulge in some type of art as a hobby in their off hours.

                  (More about finding an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon.)

    Long story short: when looking at nose job before & after pictures, carefully note the renewed balance in the “after” surgery profile pictures. Do they look natural and balanced? Do the profile pictures flatter?


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