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Over 4,500 Rhinoplasty procedures performed in over 37 years of experience

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Referred to as the “Nose King of Beverly Hills,” Dr. Robert Kotler has performed more than 4,500 nasal surgeries in his over 37-years experience. Of the select procedures he performs, this is perhaps the one he is best-recognized for. Because of Dr. Kotler’s core training in the specialty of head and neck surgery, he had unique training in surgery of the nose. Following his board certification and fellowship training, he studied with some of the worlds’ leading nasal surgeons, including Dr. Howard Diamond of New York City, the most prolific nasal surgeon in the history of the specialty. For those considering nasal surgery, Dr. Kotler is as specialized and as highly-trained of a rhinoplasty surgeon as you can find.

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Cosmetic and/or functional nasal surgery aims to create a better-appearing and better-functioning nose. To render your nose more compatible with the other facial features, the changes Dr. Kotler proposes will not make the nose look “unnatural,” or “done.” The goal is to create a natural-looking nose that is pleasing and not recognized as having had surgery.


Anesthesia administered by a physician-anesthesiologist specializing in facial procedures. Under anesthesia, there is no pain and no awareness. An intravenous is started and you “drift off” to sleep.


Approximately 1 hour in the operating room.

Recovery Room:

Usually 1 hour in a fully monitored and state-of-the-art recovery room at the surgery center.


Professional care is optional. If you choose to recover at home, someone must be with you the first night. As with all of our procedures, precise instruction/direction sheets are a “care package” of supplies and medications are provided.

Stitch Removal:

Since most nasal procedures are performed entirely internally, dissolving stitches are placed into the nasal interior. These generally need not be removed.

The First Week:

If your surgery has been only cosmetic, you will remove the internal nasal packing at home the day after surgery. Approximately 5 days after surgery, you will return to the office for removal of the protective cast. For patients who have functional surgery, with or without a cosmetic improvement, the packing will be removed in the office 5 days after surgery, at the same time the protective cast is removed. Contact lenses can be worn 2 to 3 days after surgery. At this time, you are free to return to work and usual activities and functions except for strenuous exercise. If there is any bruising at this time, it should disappear within the next 2 to 3 days and can be easily concealed with make-up (we will provide instruction). If you wear eyeglasses, we will teach you to suspend them from the forehead so that the glasses do not rest on the nasal bridge. This precaution must be observed for 5 weeks after surgery.

After That First Week:

Any residual swelling rapidly diminishes. The nasal airway improves daily. Since the nasal interior tends to be somewhat dry after surgery, we provide a soothing saltwater nasal spray to refresh the healing internal tissues. Optimal breathing is generally achieved within 1 month. Generally, you will be seen twice weekly in the first month after surgery to check healing and answer your questions. Thereafter, visits are infrequent. Postoperative photos are taken no sooner than 3 months after surgery. Just in case you long to see what your “old nose” looked like, we provide copies of your preoperative photos for you.

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