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You’re finally ready to consult with a cosmetic surgeon. Now what?

Now, from the author of Secrets of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, comes a valuable new learning resource in a unique and practical format. The first consultation workbook to supply the essential questions patients must ask the doctor during their consultation.

Dr. Kotler, a pre-eminent patient advocate with over 28 years practice experience and the acclaimed “Voice of Experience” on E! Entertainment’s Dr. 90210, coaches patients through the entire consultation process. Don’t consult a cosmetic surgeon without this book!

Download the complete 200 page eBook [download id=”12107″] here (for FREE) or click on the purchase now button below to buy the printed version below. If you agree that this book will help anyone considering cosmetic/rejuvenation surgery, please share this page with your friends and followers.


This step-by-step workbook features:

  1. A 5-minute Telephone Screening Script to use when speaking with a surgeon’s office manager before committing to a time-consuming and costly consultation.
  2. Checklists for the 14 Most Popular Procedures, including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction.
  3. The 29 Most Important Questions to Ask at the Consultation as well as a Consultation Summary Form for each practice.
  4. A 37- Question Quiz to rate and compare each cosmetic surgery practice (including anesthesia and surgical facilities).
  5. A Cost Tabulation Worksheet.

A Glossary of Medical Terms, a Directory of Companies that Finance Plastic Surgery and Anatomical Sketches for the doctor to illustrate his game plan.


“Dr. Kotler’s The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion presents the essential requisite information in an organized format that’s easy to understand. A ‘must read’ for anyone considering plastic surgery. Read it before your first consultation and take this guide with you to all your consultations with the appropriate pages pre-marked!”
-Garth Fisher, MD, FACS
The original Extreme Makeover plastic surgeon

Dr. Kotler provides the important questions that only a cosmetic surgeon would know to ask. His agenda-like format is what patients – and doctors – need to stay on target during their consultation. Highly recommended.

-Linda Li, MD, FACS
Featured plastic surgeon on E! Entertainment’s Dr. 90210

Dr. Kotler is one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in the world.

-Neil Cavuto, Fox News Network

A new concept in patient education. Dr. Robert Kotler coaches patients through the cosmetic surgery consultation process with this user-friendly workbook, enabling patients to maximize their time with the doctor. A powerful new tool for consumers.

-Neil Baum, MD
Tulane University Medical School

Once again, Dr. Kotler is at the forefront of patient education. This unique workbook is the logical sequel to last year’s superb primer, Secrets Of A Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon. Advances in cosmetic surgery, while beneficial, make decision-making more difficult. To have a successful result, patient’s need guidance and direction. Now, from one of the specialty’s best teachers, they have it.

-Keith Wahl, MD, FACS
Clinical Attending, University of California San Diego

This expert walks you through the specific questions to ask that will determine if a procedure and a doctor are right for you. I am recommending this book to my patients and viewers.

-Mary Ann Malloy, MD
Cardiologist and Lecturer, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Medical Reporter, NBC 5 Chicago

If you’re even thinking of having cosmetic surgery, buy this book. A terrific guide filled with insider tips.

-Bill Fulcher, MD
Board-certified anesthesiologist features on E Entertainment’s Dr. 90210