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05 Jan After Rhinoplasty: Swelling is Common

Noses: like sponges, they swell after rhinoplasty After a nose job, patients often ask “how long is it going to take for the swelling to go away ?” Following rhinoplasty or any type of nasal surgery, a process known as edema — swelling caused by…

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08 Jan Nose Job? Get the Pulse of the Practice First!

Before you ever step foot into a cosmetic plastic surgeon’s practice, you can get a good idea of the mojo you may expect when you do get there. Regardless of the type surgery you may want – rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, non-surgical rhinoplasty or internal nose…

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17 Oct Rhinoplasty Surgeon: Is He or She Busy?

Cosmetic surgery insiders know that the most gifted, talented cosmetic plastic surgeons are also the busiest. In medicine, some surgeons go through extra training and become Specialists. A few others go through that same training, have yet more training, perhaps at the side of an…

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14 Aug Cosmetic Surgery’s Biggest Bargain

If you asked 100 people to name the biggest bargain in all medical care – but especially in cosmetic surgery – you would hear answers like: Generic drugs Medicare coverage Walk-in clinics But from where we — as a cosmetic plastic surgeon — sit, the…

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01 Aug Nose Job Consultation: Make Sure it’s Tops!

Like many things in life, there are few ironclad guarantees. That includes rhinoplasty surgery which may, or may not: Improve how your nose looks Allow you to breathe through it properly The final results depend on the skill, experience and training of your rhinoplasty surgeon,…

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11 Jul Cosmetic Surgery & Patient Safety

Plastic surgeons and their staff do everything in their power to keep cosmetic plastic surgery patients safe and comfortable in the operating room. Here are some of the safeguards and comforts used: *Before starting, doctors and staff have a “time out” to make sure the…

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17 Apr Rhinoplasty Revision: Top 5 Reasons to Choose BevHills

With America leading the world in the total number of first nose jobs – 242,000 in 2012, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) – it follows that a fair number of those rhinoplasty procedures unfortunately result in unhappy patients. Sometimes, Mother Nature is…

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