We Win Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Award — Again

An amazing Los Angeles website offers The Best of Los Angeles Awards. That website just named cosmetic surgeon Robert Kotler MD, FACS as winner of The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon for 2018. The Best of Los Angeles Awards is peopled by 3,700 professionals who live and work in Southern California. Formed three years ago, the website takes no… Read More »

Rhinoplasty’s Extra Blessings:Confidence, Mood & Energy

Too many painful remarks about an unusual or ungainly nose shape often leads to time spent searching a mirror to see that nose from the side. Searchers are looking for relief from less-than-perfect noses by looking for: The perfect facial plastic surgeon to create a nose that: Does not attract attention Fits the person’s face Flatters the… Read More »

Broken Nose? Now, What To Do?

Most frequently broken bone? It’s as plain as your face! Actually, it’s ONyour face. Having the body’s thinnest bones and being very prominent, it’s the broken nose. A sharp nasal blow – in accidents, sports or out-of-control disagreements – is hard to ignore because your eyes water so that everything looks blurry. And broken nose pain… Read More »