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"A nose job and septoplasty patient has an ince filed latex glove over her face to reduce swelling"

23 Jun After Rhinoplasty: Ice is Nice

Swelling is a normal, necessary part of rhinoplasty and the healing process. Post-op swelling is also involved in:    Rhinoplasty revision    Septorplasty, corrective surgery for a deviated septum    Tip plasty, corrective surgery on a nasal tip    Septorhinoplasty, a single surgical session for…

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"A three panel frame shows the before picture, the predicted outcome and the actual after picture"

26 May Digital Imaging & Revision Rhinoplasty

Digital imaging (also known as computer imaging) can be the most important part of a plastic surgery consultation. In case you didn’t already know, a  computer artist feeds your current picture into a special computer. Then, the artist — working with the cosmetic plastic surgeon…

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22 Feb Rhinoplasty – Assisted by Google Glass

What is widely billed as the first rhinoplasty ever done by a surgeon wearing Google Glass was done several months ago at the University of Chicago. The patient broke her nose while at a local amusement park and required functional rhinoplasty.            (Read more about…

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21 Jan Nasal Grafts in Rhinoplasty

Many a patient when going in for a first nose job or a revision rhinoplasty has asked about nasal grafts. Because the nose is three-dimensional, it requires internal support in various areas. Some supports can come from synthetic materials like Silicone or Gortex. But, in…

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15 Jan Deviated Septum: Why a Surgical Fix?

There are many reasons why people might breathe too much through the mouth. But one of the most common is because a breathing channel through the nose is blocked. Mother Nature designed your nose as a tool to pass warmed, moisturized air on to the…

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"A woman is shown in the midst of a migraine attack"

11 Jun Deviated Septum & Migraine Headaches

A Texas facial plastic surgeon studied his patients for 17 years to find that a problem in the nose can be felt in the head. Kevin Smith, M.D. is board-certified in otolaryngology, a medical specialty focusing on head and neck surgery. (See an example of…

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17 May After Rhinoplasty: When to Call the Doc Back

After rhinoplasty, many patients have a situation in which they are not sure if they should phone their surgeon. They don’t want to be a pest and phone for nothing, but what if something serious is going on? Our own personal policy is to give…

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13 May Plastic Surgeons & Dog Bites

Thanks to a quick-thinking husband who  — with no other weapon other than his teeth  — came to his wife’s rescue during an attack by a vicious dog that tore off part of her nose. And how did the man’s teeth turn away the dog…

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"A lovely woman tries to see her septum in a hand mirror"

25 Apr Deviated Septum – Readers’ Top Questions

Many nose job patients are surprised to discover the very middle of their noses – the septum – can present problems in how your nose looks and how it passes air on to the lungs. You may already know the septum, a thin wall of…

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