Cheap Cosmetic Surgery? When Does It Become Pricey?

Our current times seems to be offering more possibilities. Not only are more people working, but those workers are making more. Thus, more are looking at the crop of new models cars, many are looking at that tiny bathroom with an eye toward remodeling, rethinking vacation upgrades and considering other ways to invest or just… Read More »

We Win Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Award — Again

An amazing Los Angeles website offers The Best of Los Angeles Awards. That website just named cosmetic surgeon Robert Kotler MD, FACS as winner of The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon for 2018. The Best of Los Angeles Awards is peopled by 3,700 professionals who live and work in Southern California. Formed three years ago, the website takes no… Read More »

Do You Fear Anesthesia?

Fear of anesthesia probably starts with people chatting about surgery. Somebody mentions, say, a neighbor’s uncle’s best friend who recently went under the knife and had a bad experience under anesthesia. Sooner or later, the discussion involves how sick many others are after surgery due to “harsh” anesthesia. Result? Medical researchers at the American Society… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Fillers & Pregnancy: O.K.?

More than once, we’ve seen a patient for cosmetic plastic surgery, completed the paperwork, had the physical exam and scheduled her for surgery. Then, she calls, saying she is with child and asks if she should go ahead with that face and neck lift… or hold off on surgery.            (See some face & neck lift before and after… Read More »