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"A nose job and septoplasty patient has an ince filed latex glove over her face to reduce swelling"

23 Jun After Rhinoplasty: Ice is Nice

Swelling is a normal, necessary part of rhinoplasty and the healing process. Post-op swelling is also involved in:    Rhinoplasty revision    Septorplasty, corrective surgery for a deviated septum    Tip plasty, corrective surgery on a nasal tip    Septorhinoplasty, a single surgical session for…

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05 Apr After Deviated Septum Surgery

After visiting a doctor or nasal surgeon, some people find their “sinus problems” have actually been breathing problems caused by a deviated septum pushed, grown or knocked into a breathing channel in your inner nose. Other symptoms may include: Headaches Nasal stuffiness & congestion Nose…

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02 Mar Hearing Woe Due to Nasal Blocks?

Our sister blog ( recently told the story of Kevin Spacey’s broken nose and how he discovered the four and one-half-year-old break because he was having — get this — hearing trouble.            (Read about Spacey’s onstage broken nose.) While we did not examine Spacey,…

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" a lovely woman presses one nostril closed to check for a deviated septum"

19 Jan Deviated Septum? Home Test

Do your sinuses constantly bother you? Hard to get a good night’s rest due to your own — or a bed mate’s — snoring? Those are some classic symptoms of a deviated septum, the tissue-thin, cartilage-and-bone “wall” separating your two nostrils. Well, how about a…

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10 Dec Deviated Septum Surgery: Top Recovery Tips

The septum diving your two nostrils can be a bugbear. The paper-thin wall can be knocked out of place – and into a breathing channel — for any number of reasons. Some are born with one. Others have it due to a crooked nose. Additionally,…

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07 Dec Nose Surgery: Can It Cure Sleep Apnea?

It usually takes a while to figure out, but snoring is actually no laughing matter. While cartoons and comedians make light of the nightly buzz saw sounds – fleeing bed mates included – snoring is a relatively serious medical condition that should be treated. Not…

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"A woman thinks she may have rhinitis"

10 Nov Plastic Surgery Costs & Septoplasty

Judging by the many reader questions at, the website devoted to the best possible practice of cosmetic plastic surgery, more people are taking care of their health and making sure their noses are functional and actually passing air on to the lungs. is…

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28 Apr Deviated Septum: Not Always a Nose Job Too

It seems there may be something in Hollywood’s water that causes a deviated septum. Because Tinsel Town is having a rash of deviated septum cases that appears to have also resulted in a nose job like the lovely Jennifer Aniston, pictured above. Note how her…

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10 Mar Knowing What’s Up Your Nose

Just about anybody can pinpoint the nostrils. But unless you’ve had lots of anatomy classes, you won’t know that the nostrils are not entirely a narrow air passageway. Facial sinuses are confusing, too, as are what most people think are chronic sinus infections. Here’s the…

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16 Dec Nostrils that Collapse

The picture of a collapsing nostril, left, was a recent patient who eventually had internal nose surgery to clear blocked breathing. That nostril did not stay flattened – just when the patient struggled to breathe through the nose. When an experienced nose surgeon sees a…

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