Cheap Cosmetic Surgery? When Does It Become Pricey?

Our current times seems to be offering more possibilities. Not only are more people working, but those workers are making more. Thus, more are looking at the crop of new models cars, many are looking at that tiny bathroom with an eye toward remodeling, rethinking vacation upgrades and considering other ways to invest or just… Read More »

Nose Job: How Long To Complete?

We often hear anecdotes from potential nose job patients about other cosmetic plastic surgeons and how they work.  Most recently,  we’ve heard from several patients undergoing revision rhinoplasties  (the procedure to correct a failed, first rhinoplasty) about a first nose job done elsewhere that takes three to five hours. Even more dismaying, most of those long,… Read More »

Nose Job & Its Component Costs

Several components will create the final, total cost of a nose job. And your surgeon’s staff will let you know the totals well before surgery. Here are some basics things affecting any cosmetic surgery costs: Your surgeon’s experience. A nose job surgeon with top drawer training like: An M.D. degree from a well-known university. Fellowship… Read More »

Facelift? Six Tips From A Plastic Surgeon

Just about all cosmetic surgery procedures are up, but faceliftrequests seem to be especially strong right now, according to reports from the major plastic surgery organizations. For instance, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that facelifts are up four percent over this time last year (2016) when 131,106 facelifts were performed in the United States. One thing that many people don’t realize is that… Read More »

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Desires For Men

It’s been asked for years of women, and now it’s the guys’ turn. What DO men want? At least from cosmetic plastic surgery? The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) recently queried 618 typical men to find out. Findings? Overall, a true desire is remaining competitive and able in the workplace (along with the world… Read More »

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Putting It Off?

Once many of our patients have finally had a long-desired cosmetic plastic surgery procedure — after putting it off for a long while — I can almost bet dollars to doughnuts on what phrase they will utter when sufficient healing has taken place to see the results. The phrase? “Why did I wait so long?” Our practice… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Fillers & Pregnancy: O.K.?

More than once, we’ve seen a patient for cosmetic plastic surgery, completed the paperwork, had the physical exam and scheduled her for surgery. Then, she calls, saying she is with child and asks if she should go ahead with that face and neck lift… or hold off on surgery.            (See some face & neck lift before and after… Read More »

Post Cosmetic Surgery: Tell All?

Say you’ve just had some rejuvenation surgery, perhaps a nose job or a face and neck lift.  Do you tell everybody? Or, do you make like most celebrities and clam up, claiming you’ve never gone anywhere near a needle or cosmetic surgery scalpel?      (See some face & neck lift before and after photos.) With almost 40… Read More »

Looking Better In ’17: Top 10 Ways

Before having cosmetic plastic surgery, try instituting some insider tips on looking better and younger as summer approaches. Here’s how: Eat wisely and well. Cut back on fats, sweets and high calorie eats. Add at least five servings of bright colored veggies daily. Water is already America’s favorite drink so consume lots. You’ve heard it… Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery Team Play

As March Madness winds down, viewers can easily see how players work together and depend on each other to perform a task. In this case, win basketball games and, hopefully, a championship. But it’s actually the same in a cosmetic surgery operating room and well worth asking your surgeon about his or her own O.R. team before… Read More »