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Rhinoplasty Revision: Top 5 Reasons to Choose BevHills

Rhinoplasty Revision: Top 5 Reasons to Choose BevHills

"A lighted Beverly Hills city sign is shown on a lawn at dusk"With America leading the world in the total number of first nose jobs – 242,000 in 2012, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) – it follows that a fair number of those rhinoplasty procedures unfortunately result in unhappy patients.

Sometimes, Mother Nature is at fault and the nose doesn’t heal as expected. In some cases, the surgery was done by a young, unqualified or inexperienced surgeon. In other cases, the really difficult part of the surgery like – refinement of the nasal tip — is lackluster.

Whatever the reason, as many as one-fifth to one-quarter of first rhinoplasty patients start the process over, looking for a Master rhinoplasty surgeon to make the nose look attractive and fit the patient’s face and profile via a rhinoplasty revision.

But why come to Beverly Hills? Sure, it’s known as the globe’s Mecca for all cosmetic plastic surgery  procedures, but that must make it unaffordable, right? Not necessarily. A skill set exists in Beverly Hills not found in other U.S. locations.

So what are the top five reasons for journeying to Beverly Hills for a second rhinoplasty?

  1. Unhappy experiences with first nose jobs. Beverly Hills surgeons specialize in certain procedures – like revision rhinoplasty — and do the same few procedures for decades. Yet the costs of plastic surgery are affordable, thanks to competition among many, many specialists in one place.
  2. Unhappy nose job patients now know nose surgery is far more difficult and want surgeons who concentrate on the nose. You could do pre-surgery consultations in one Beverly Hills building for a week.
  3. Beverly Hills is a dedicated travel location, with a wide selection of hotels and even professional plastic surgery recovery hide-a-ways with nursing staff and rides to and from a surgeon’s office. (Learn more about cosmetic plastic surgery for patients in states other than California and abroad.)
  4. Beverly Hills is only 20 minutes away from the Los Angeles airport (LAX.) Some patients include the kids on the trip, making it a short vacation. After several days, virtually all patients are able to be out and about to world-class museums, hitting top spots like the Norton Simon Museum, world-class beaches, fine restaurants and top theaters offerings.
  5. Consider permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty. While many cosmetic plastic surgeons offer the procedure, the vast majority use facial fillers that dissolve within about one year. But only in Beverly Hills can you often repair a botched nose job permanently without surgery.(Read more about permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty.)