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How Botox and Dysport can help you achieve the look you want:

Botox® Cosmetic, even though it is a trade name, has become a common generic term in the United States. Further, it has become “verbified”; people talk about “being Botox®-ed”. Botox® paralyzes muscles whose contraction cause wrinkles, particularly in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eye and cheek area. The latter are referred to as the “smile lines”. The former as “frown lines.” Botox® has been proven safe and effective. Typically the duration of the action is three to four months. There is some suggestion that the long-term use of it may, in fact, wear out the muscles and nerves such that less will be needed in the long run, but it is too early to know.

Botox® is a weak dilution of a nerve poison (the same poison or toxin that is responsible for botulism, a condition caused by certain bacteria). However, it is perfectly safe. In fact, it was used for many years in children to correct muscle imbalance causing cross-eyes.

Recently, Botox ® has been joined by Dysport®, from Medicis, the company that markets the filler Restylane. Early reports suggest that Dysport® has a shorter “kick-in” time. That within two days one can see the effect; Botox® may take five to seven days. With time, we shall see how the two products compare.

Finally, I recommend that patients avail themselves of the most specialized “injectors”. While cosmetic plastic surgeons and dermatologists are trained and capable in such techniques, the accepted super-stars are those practitioners and RNs who perform injections exclusively. No surgery, no other medical treatments. Just injections. These “superspecialists” are the real pros; the ones you want.