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After your cosmetic surgery, you may elect to recover in a post-surgical aftercare facility. Such recovery retreats offer, exclusively, the most comprehensive post-surgical care provided by a team of RN’s, LVN’s and nursing assistants. All staff are specifically trained in post-cosmetic surgery recovery. They are familiar with our protocols for medication, treatments and activity restrictions. Charges include transportation from the surgery center to the facility, transportation to and from our office for post-operative visits, nursing care and meals.

For our patients having a face and neck lift or chemical rejuvenation, two nights at a post-surgical aftercare facility is included in our fee. For all other procedures, professional aftercare is optional.

Serenity post-surgical aftercare retreat

A medically oriented setting offering licensed nursing care, hotel-like accommodations and optional therapeutic services, Serenity’s program is exclusively focused on serving patient’s in between surgery and returning home. For patients who choose to stay at Serenity, a chauffeur will pick you up in a private town car from the surgery center after your surgery and bring you safely to Serenity’s discreet garage entrance.

All rooms at Serenity are spacious, elegantly appointed and equipped with climate control, a fully adjustable bed, in-room dining area, cable television, VCR, stereo, telephone with voice messaging and in-room modem capabilities. Room rate includes transportation to and from our office, nursing care, standard medical and treatment supplies and meals.

Serenity Post Surgical Aftercare Retreat

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