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Plastic Surgeon Jack Startz & Bad Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Jack Startz & Bad Plastic Surgery

"A side by side picture of the real Dr. Startz is shown next to actor Rob Lowe"

Left: The real Dr. Startz

We’ve already told how Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Jack Startz, M.D. was on the far downside of his career while doing cosmetic plastic surgery on Liberace and his boyfriend.

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One of the most – no pun intended – eye-opening scenes in Behind the Candelabra showed Liberace sleeping, but with his eyes open. Why? Dr. Startz had done so much surgery done on Liberace’s sagging eyelids, he could no longer close them.

Among legitimate Beverly Hills cosmetic plastic surgeons, not being able to close the eyelids after an upper eyelid lift is the worst possible outcome.

Eyelids are barriers allowing tears to lubricate the eyes. Tears also provide nutrients and nature’s own antibiotics. No blinking also means no protection from gunk in the air and the loss of the tear film over the eye. Results?  Eyes can become inflamed as the cornea and conjunctiva forming dry spots, ulcers and even scarring.

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In real life, not being able to close the eyes would require another trip to the O.R. for revision surgery on the eyelids.

The second most outrageous example of bad plastic surgery: you can only have rejuvenation surgery for yourself and your own reasons.

In the film, Liberace never had children of his own and asks plastic surgeon Jack Startz, M.D. to make his boyfriend, played by Matt Damon, look like Liberace’s son during his-and-his plastic surgeries.

In real life, plastic surgeons insist on patients having cosmetic surgery strictly for their own reasons and desires.

Real board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons are very adept at exploring patients’ reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. Common examples include overbearing husbands who want to create trophy wives and posh parents who are embarrassed by a teen’s less-than-glamorous appearance.

A third offbeat example: plastic surgeons don’t organize diets and push pills.

In the movie, Liberace wants boyfriend Scott Thorson to be slim and sleek and asks Dr. Startz to put him on a so-called  “California Diet” which was only a lot of appetite killing – and addicting – amphetamines.

In Thorson’s book about his five years with Liberace, Thorson says the diet pills started his descent in drug addiction.

But there was no limit on descent, with plenty to go around.

Dr. Startz committed suicide in 1985, Liberace died of AIDS in 1987 while Thorson is currently in jail, held on burglary charges.