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Each week we will post a new “tip” to help you make good decisions regarding facial cosmetic procedures.

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Patient journeys from the day of surgery to days, weeks and months later

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Meet Dr. Kotler and Staff

Dr. Kotler’s practice is limited to cosmetic surgery of the face and neck exclusively


Board certified, Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship trained


Why Super-Specialization is Important

The Terrible Truth About Some Cosmetic Surgeons

Just because a doctor performs cosmetic surgery does NOT mean he/she has the proper training

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A professional consultation should be a learning experience, an educational opportunity for you and not a “sales closing.”

Important Choices

Hospital, Doctor’s Surgical Suite or Outpatient Surgery Center? Anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist?

About Cosmetic Surgery Fees

Charges are a function of time expended on the patient’s behalf by a team of highly skilled professionals.


Special Financing Plans. Our patient coordinator can answer your questions.



Referrals to other professionals carry my personal endorsement; I consider that a heavy responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions we commonly hear in our practice.

What you Need to Know Before Surgery


Dr. Kotler’s FDA approved, double-patented device that allows you to breathe clearly immediately after surgery.

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What to Expect

Preparing for your surgery.

Information for Out of Town Patients

For patients coming from afar, we can often eliminate the need to make more than one trip for your surgery.

Places To Stay

You may elect to recover in a post-surgical aftercare facility.

Surgery Day Tips

Tips regarding your surgery day.

Modern Anesthesia Techniques

In this case, the patient is awake and responsive to questioning after 4 minutes in the recovery room.

After Surgery – Post Op Information

General Post Op Instructions

What to do and what NOT to do after your surgery

Rhinoplasty Post Op

Rhinoplasty Pre and Post Op instructions

Septoplasty Post Op

Functional Nasal Surgery Pre and Post Op instructions

Chin Augmentation Post Op

Chin Augmentation Post Op instructions

Face Lift/Neck Sculpting Post Op

Face Lift/Neck Sculpting Post Op instructions.

Facial Rejuvenation Post Op

Facial Rejuvenation Post Op Instructions.