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Review from Laura K. - Camarillo, CA | March 12, 2018

They don’t make them like Dr. Kotler any more!! His surgical skills are only surpassed by his genuine care and concern for his patients. It took me many years of awkward photographs and serious migraines to finally seek help from a surgeon. Now thanks to his expertise, the kind professionalism of his staff, and of course Mary’s guidance and support, they performed nothing short of a miracle for me and I will be forever grateful.

Review from Summer K. - Arroyo Grande, CA | February 20, 2018

I recommend Dr. Kotler to anyone looking for a non-surgical rhinoplasty. He is very caring and he listens to what your concerns are. He is also very honest about what can be done. I had a nasal hump on my nose and have been self conscious about it since I was young. Dr Kotler was very honest about what could be done because of the location of the hump on my nose. We decided to do a saline injection to get an idea of what could be done with the silicone injections. I was very pleased with the results of the saline and decide to get silicone injections. I had four silicone injections and I am very pleased with the results. Surgery was not something I was interested in, even though he is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons out there. Thank you Dr Kotler for always listening to my concerns about my nose and the great non-surgical rhinoplasty you performed. I recommend him to anyone who wants rhinoplasty without the surgery. Go and see him he will be honest and tell you what is possible, then make your own choice to have surgery or not.

Review from David L. - Ontario, CA | February 6, 2018

Dr. Kotler is the BEST in the business!!! This month, I was accidentally hit directly on the nose and went to see the doctor to make sure everything was okay. He previously fixed my nose over a decade ago. Since he did such a good job, some of my other family members have went to him over the years and loved their results too. It was really easy to make the appointment, he thoroughly explained everything, and put me at ease. Was great to see the Doctor after all these years. Thank you, Dr Kotler!

Review from Jennifer F. - Houston, TX | January 9, 2018

Dr Kotler is a wonderful DR. He has an eye for detail and a wonderful bedside manner. I not only let him work on my nose but have referred him to friends that have had rhinoplasty surgery with him as well. He is very experienced and it shows from his work. His staff is very professional and always so friendly. We fly from Houston to see him and he is always punctual and on time for his patients. He is the best…

Review from Michael H. - Los Angeles, CA | January 4, 2018

The main thing I look for in a Doctor is professionalism and Dr. Kotler takes this to a whole new level entirely. Dr. Kotler doesn’t play games, he’s not a pretender, instead he tells it to you like it is: politely and professionally and he always demonstrates an apt understanding of his field…more than any other Doctor I have visited. When you’re looking for someone to do a big surgery, you want someone with experience, but also someone who is on top of their game, not someone who is at the end or beginning of the road.

I can say with the utmost assurance, absolutely no bs, that Dr. Kotler is on top of his game and is in his zone when it comes to nose surgery. He’s neither pushy nor laid back; he is in an area one might describe as, “the area of lucid vision.” Where other doctors’ eyes are fogged up by dollar signs, Dr. Kotler clearly sees beyond that landscape and is more concerned with the well-being of his clients, something that has clearly helped create the untouchable legacy he deservedly enjoys.

Dr. Kotler is both a man I respect and a man I admire simply because of his devotion and knowledge of craft. I am extremely satisfied that I chose Dr. Kotler to perform my surgery. So when asked to give a review, I had no problem sitting down to write from the inner depths of sincerity the truth about a surgeon who has gone and continues to go beyond the call of duty. I could continue writing, but for purposes of brevity, I’ll simply end with saying you just can’t go wrong with Dr. Kotler.

Review from tessazolly - Los Angeles, CA | December 26, 2017

I was super anxious about the end result of my procedure. Dr Kotker is one of the kindest doctors, and people I have ever encountered. He insists on “getting you perfect,” and he delivers. He was available to assure me through every step of the way, and even spent the time talking to my dad on the phone to assure him of any concerns. He is simply the best of the best.

Review from SaraMG101 - | December 20, 2017

For most of my life, I knew I wanted to eventually get a nose job. The idea of this particular surgery does not really scare me considering how badly I want it. I actually follow a few plastic surgeons on Snapchat and find cosmetic surgery very interesting.
By my sophomore year of high school, I started looking around online for plastic surgeons that I felt met my standards. I came across Dr. Grigoryants and even had a consultation with him when I was in my senior year. For the most part, I was adamant about Grigoryants being my surgeon. One of my friends, I later found out, had her nose done by him, and I loved her results.

Ultimately, I chose Dr. Robert Kotler as my surgeon. One of my other friends and her sister had their noses done by him not too long ago, and I absolutely love their results. Choosing between Grigoryants and Kotler was a very difficult decision, but after comparing both consultations, I felt very comfortable with the entire experience I had with Kotler and his staff, and I am even excited for his invention: the Kotler Nasal Airway. I look forward to being able to breathe even with all the packaging in my nose. Although Kotler is slightly more expensive than other surgeons I liked, I feel the most comfortable with him performing my rhinoplasty.

I had my consultation with Kotler on October 4, 2017, and about a week later, placed a $1,000 deposit to book my surgery. I have my pre-op coming up on December 22, 2017, and my actual surgery is booked for January 4, 2018.
I decided to wait until my winter break from school to allow me enough time to heal and get used to my new appearance. I really wanted to have it done before college, but I just did not have enough money saved up. After working many hours, I finally have more than half saved of my own money. I plan to finance the rest.

Through looking at Kotler’s profile here on RealSelf, I was able to find a few discounts that prompted my consultation scheduling with him. He normally charges $200 for a consultation, but with the discount, I was able to have my consultation for free and even got a few dollars knocked off my actual surgery price. If it weren’t for these discounts, I would have stuck with Grigoryants as he charges a few thousand less.
I always try my best to face people directly when talking to them to avoid them talking straight into the side of my nose. I hate looking at pictures taken from my side, and I really do not like how my nose hooks and droops when I am smiling or talking.
My wishes: get rid of dorsal hump, get rid of hanging columella, release tension lip, reduce nasal projection, raise nasal tip, reshape nasal tip. I do like how narrow/skinny my nose is from the front, but I dislike the bulbous tip

Review from Jane L. - Folsom, CA | November 5, 2017

If a non-surgical rhinoplasty is your solution to a poor outcome from the original rhinoplasty, Dr. Kotler is the surgeon to see. I am on the third and last injection of the silicone treatment to even out the obvious imperfections that prior surgeons could not resolve and I could not be happier.  I could just leave my current look as is but just one more adjustment and my nose will look great.  I wanted it to look natural, not “done”.  Thank goodness there is a solution to bad outcomes that do not involve additional revision surgery.  He knows what he is doing and I really appreciate that.  He will not “up sell” you for treatments.

Review from B S. - Manhattan Beach, CA | November 1, 2017

Dr. Kotler is absolutely AMAZING and I will be forever GRATEFUL to him for doing the greatest deep chemical peel in the world on me!! I can’t believe how he’s transformed my complexion! It never looked this good even in my 20’s and I’m now in my early 60’s!! I wish I had done this years ago!!
Dr Kotler is a true master of this incredible peel which he has perfected over the last 40 years! Not only is Dr. Kotler the kindest and most gracious doctor ever but has the experience that delivers the best results ever!!

I had terrible sun damaged aged skin from years of neglect and felt any improvement was hopeless! I tried everything ( lasers, creams,etc.) to correct my aging skin and nothing made any difference until I was referred to Dr. Kotler.

Dr.Kotler and his lovely staff made the whole procedure a very pleasant experience paying special attention to even the littlest details.

I am so SO HAPPY and GRATEFUL that Dr. Kotler did my amazing peel and hope others will be able to experience and get the greatest results ever imaginable as I have!!!

Thank you Dr Kotler, you are the greatest!!

Review from Cayla K. - Los Angeles, CA | October 12, 2017

Dr. Kotler changed my life. I could not be happier with the results. He not only shaved the bump off my nose, but significantly changed my quality of breathing. My nose looks natural and not like a typical “nose job” nose. I would highly recommend him for a rhinoplasty procedure. He is so personable and caring and made me feel super comfortable during my procedure and recovery. 10/10 recommend.

Review from Elida E. - Pomona, CA | October 1, 2017

My overall experience with Dr. Robert Kotler is truly impeccable. I underwent a cosmetic rhinoplasty; simply for the reasons that I was always very self-conscious about the appearance of my nose and how unnatural it was. Throughout the entire process I was not nervous at all. From the moment I met Dr. Kotler, I was excited more than anything. I had no questions prior to the surgery. Everything was very well interpreted and I was ready. On the day of the surgery, I was honestly really relaxed or it might have been the medications I was given. Who knows. The doctors and staff were very attentive before and after the surgery. I felt like I was at the comfort of my home. I did not even remember falling asleep after the anesthesia. Waking up was honestly the weirdest part of the surgery mainly because I was so confused but, I was definitely in no pain so that is awesome. I have never had surgery so I did not know what to expect. Within a week of icing and drinking black tea, my cast and tubes were removed and I was able to see my nose. Although it was not fully healed yet, it looked amazing. I was immediately in love with my nose. Is that weird? I could not be more grateful and I truly believe that I could not have picked a better surgeon to do the job. Any price is worth the happiness and confidence I feel when I look at myself.

Review from Gypsy84 - | September 24, 2017

Dr.Kotler is AMAZING! I had a septo and rhinoplasty done at 17 to correct a deviated septum and remove a hump. The procedure was INCREDIBLY painful and although the doctor removed the hump from my nose I was left with a strange crack. Essentially the bridge of my nose was extremely thin after the surgery and my side profile had a noticeable unnatural dip also at the bridge. I lived with it for years because the idea of going under the knife terrified me. Frustrated, one night after over a decade of living with my blotched nose I began to research to see if there were any other alternatives to surgery. After countless hours of searching I kept coming back to the same name, Dr. Kotler. Honestly, my only regret is not knowing about his non surgical permanent nose job before! I recently had my fourth treatment and WOW! What a HUGE difference! My bridge is thicker and FINALLY looks natural. My confidence has gone through the roof as I no longer have to worry about my side profile or my unnatural looking nose. In a world of pretentious Beverly Hills surgeons Dr.Kotler really stands out as a genuine, kind and sweet doctor who cares about his patients. I’m so happy I found him and his staff. Great experience! Incredible doctor! Definitely worth it!

Review from M W. - Beverly Hills, CA | September 8, 2017

Absolutely “Excellent” customer service, friendly and inviting over the phone and in the office. I left very happy after a bad morning (at Simoni), I appreciate you y’all… I will refer anyone to stop by and check you guys out… very

Review from Kevin L. - Alhambra, CA | August 25, 2017

About 8 years ago, I suffered a crooked nose and a deviated septum from an elbow while playing basketball. I then had a rhinoplasty procedure done at another office and was still left with a crooked nose and a deviated septum. I held off getting revision rhinoplasty for so long because I wasn’t sure if I could trust another plastic surgeon to fix my nose. But after a while, I knew I had to get something done because I was constantly insecure about my nose and how it looked.

I started researching online and came across numerous plastic surgeons, many with great reviews. I came across Dr. Kotler’s Yelp page (as you are now) and read many glowing reviews of how personable he was. I then went onto his website and watched videos of Dr. Kotler and was very impressed by his expertise and experience. I was convinced that he was the right surgeon for me.

As I went in for consultation, I was very impressed of how personable and accommodating his staff were. I had pictures taken and was also given a “before and after” look. It was great to see how my nose was going to look after and Dr. Kotler was very honest and gave me realistic expectations of the surgery. I knew he was going to do everything in his power to achieve the best results. But what also sold me, was that he offered silicon injections if there were any imperfections or touch-ups after the surgery.

Another factor of going with Dr. Kotler was his patented “Kotler Nasal Airway”. It was great being able to breath through the nose while recovering, even with all the packing. I was also given a care package that would help with swelling, and congestion. On top of that, I was also given his personal, home and cell phone number, just in case I had any questions or concerns!

In conclusion, I was able to trust him 100% and I know that I made the absolute right decision in having him as my plastic surgeon. I have had a few follow up appointments with a few touch ups and now my nose is looking great! It has been extremely relieving that I am no longer insecure about my nose and that I can be confident in how I look.

Review from Cali L. - | August 14, 2017

So I’ve had a few previous rhinoplasty surgeries, that didn’t go so well. I’m Asian, I was left with a crooked, short, flatter nose. The complete opposite of what I want! I was not going to go under the knife again! After researching online, I thankfully found Dr. Kotler! He offers the non surgical rhinoplasty, which is permanent silicone injections. These were perfect for me! I did not want to go under the knife again, and with these procedures Dr. Kotler has been able to touch me up in just the right areas. He’s made such an improvement on my nose! And I love that I’m able to point out to the areas, WHILE the procedure is being done. He’s been able to build my bridge and project my tip little by little. So far I’ve done 4 sessions, he’s only able to inject so much at a time. I plan to be back for at least one more session, and will hopefully get my desired look! One of my best friends is also planning to have a consultation with him. My only regret is not going to him for my very first nose job! Mary is also very thoughtful and warm, all staff very professional and organized. I highly recommend!

Review from Anne Marie H. - Oak Park, CA | July 31, 2017

AMAZING!!!! Dr. Kotler is simply wonderful- as a person and as a surgeon.

My story: I broke my nose about 20 months ago and shortly thereafter had a septoplasty (by another doctor). Not only was my breathing NOT fixed post surgery, but then I had a bump on the bridge of my nose and a strange pressure feeling in the mid-section of my nose. I was so incredibly self conscious all the time and so unhappy with it. I cant even tell you how much research I did in 20 months. I was so overwhelmed with the options and read just about every review on every cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles. I asked around for recommendations and Dr. Kotlers name came up several times so I decided to start the process and book a consultation with him. I was really nervous for my appointment but he was so incredibly wonderful. I had the last appointment of the day and he spend over 90 minutes with me (I came prepared with a LONG list of questions)- and made me feel very comfortable. He really took a lot of time to explain the procedure and to listen to me and what I hoped to achieve from the surgery. When I left, he told me I was more than welcome to come back again with more questions (which I did, TWICE). In the meantime, I also had consultations with 2 other doctors because I felt like I “should”. Talking to other doctors made me even more confidant to go with Dr. Kotler. It was really important for me to go with someone with a LOT of experience and who specialized in nose surgery. From the date of my first consultation, it took me a few months to get up the nerve to book the surgery and I am SO glad I did. I had my surgery on 6/22/17 and the timeline for recovery that Dr. Kotler gave me was right on. I am now 5 weeks post-op and truly couldn’t be happier. My nose came out exactly like I wanted it to. Also- my breathing is improved and the pressure feeling from my initial septoplasty is gone. I have seen Dr. Kotler twice since my surgery for follow ups and he has been wonderful each time. I feel like the whole process with him was smooth from start to finish. His office is very professional, ethical and you feel very taken care of. Mary and Talia are both so wonderful and supportive. I honestly could not recommend anyone more. If I could give Dr. Kotler 20 stars, I would. Thank you so much Dr. Kotler & staff for taking such great care of me!

Review from Marion T. - Los Angeles, CA | July 27, 2017

Dr. Kotler and his staff are simply the best. Kind, caring, friendly, and oh so professional. I had the major chemical peel done and I am ecstatic! I look ten to fifteen years younger. It was so worth it, as I have more confidence in my appearance than I’ve had in years.

Dr. Kotler is a wonderful man, and he is definitely the best in his field! You can’t go wrong here!

Marion T.

Review from AR2 - Los Angeles, CA | July 26, 2017

In brief: Dr. Kotler is an amazing doctor and his entire team in the office is wonderful to interact with. From pre-operative consultations to the surgery itself to post-op follow ups, I have always had a great experience with Dr. Kotler and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anybody considering rhinoplasty, septoplasty, filler injections, or any of his other services. All in all, I am so glad that I found Dr. Kotler and his team. The work they have done for me makes my life better every day, and I owe them a debt of gratitude.

Review from Catherine C. - Los Angeles, CA | July 20, 2017

One of my biggest regrets is prematurely getting a nose job at 19. I had a very slight bump that I wanted removed. Despite seeing one of the top surgeons in Manhattan, my natural tip (which I had previously loved), was decimated. Over time, it just got worse. Too much cartilage was removed, so my nostrils became increasingly retracted. In short, it became obvious I had gotten a nose job.

I had a hard time going through elective surgery the first time (a lot of swelling, bruising, pain, and more down time than I had anticipated), so as much as I wanted my nose fixed, I dreaded the idea of a second rhinoplasty.

A friend mentioned Dr. Kotler and said I should book a consult with him for “nonsurgical rhinoplasty.” Despite never having heard of this option before (which actually made sense. Even in Beverly Hills, the land of infamous surgeons, he’s the only one who does it!), I booked a consult immediately.

I was sold immediately on Dr. Kotler’s personality (he’s incredibly warm and personable, as his right-hand woman, Mary. I felt like he truly cared about me and wanted to help me get the best result; I wasn’t just a “bottom line,” and he wasn’t just in this just to “make a buck”). During our first appointment, he performed the saline demo on me (which simulates the result of what the nonsurgical rhinoplasty would look like). I was sold immediately. My nose looked like the nose I was born with (which I missed and desperately wanted back).

I went through with the “procedure,” which is entirely outpatient. It consists of several visits, once every six weeks until the desired look is achieved, where permanent silicone is injected into your nose. It may sound scary. It isn’t. Your nose is numbed with cream 30 minutes prior to reduce the discomfort. Even with the cream, having a needle stuck into your nose is uncomfortable, but the whole process is SO short (stress balls also helped), that you hardly remember as soon as it’s done. (Nevermind, the discomfort here is NOTHING compared to that of a surgical rhinoplasty).

After completing the procedure, my botched initial nose job is now fixed! The results look completely natural. Now, if I mention to anyone that I’ve had anything done to my nose, they’re shocked. The literal response I most frequently get is, “WHAT? I never would have guessed. Not in a million years. NEVER.”

I know some people have expressed concerns with using injectable silicon. I’ve never had any negative experience with this process. No allergic or adverse reactions whatsoever.

My only regret is that I hadn’t met Dr. Kotler when I was nineteen. I NEVER would have had a surgical rhinoplasty if I had. I wish more people knew this was an option. I feel like many people who think they may need, or want, a surgical rhinoplasty could have their desires met with Dr. Kotler’s unique, nonsurgical technique. He’s that rare surgeon who is both lovely and incredibly skilled. I would recommend any of my friends or family to him in a heartbeat.

Review from Catherine Collins - |

One of my biggest regrets is prematurely getting a nose job at 19. I had a very slight bump that I wanted removed. Despite seeing one of the top surgeons in Manhattan, my natural tip (which I had previously loved), was decimated. Over time, it just got worse. Too much cartilage was removed, so my nostrils became increasingly retracted. In short, it became obvious I had gotten a nose job.

I had a hard time going through elective surgery the first time (a lot of swelling, bruising, pain, and more down time than I had anticipated), so as much as I wanted my nose fixed, I dreaded the idea of a second rhinoplasty.

A friend mentioned Dr. Kotler and said I should book a consult with him for “nonsurgical rhinoplasty.” Despite never having heard of this option before (which actually made sense. Even in Beverly Hills, the land of infamous surgeons, he’s the only one who does it!), I booked a consult immediately.

I was sold immediately on Dr. Kotler’s personality (he’s incredibly warm and personable, as his right-hand woman, Mary. I felt like he truly cared about me and wanted to help me get the best result; I wasn’t just a “bottom line,” and he wasn’t just in this just to “make a buck”). During our first appointment, he performed the saline demo on me (which simulates the result of what the nonsurgical rhinoplasty would look like). I was sold immediately. My nose looked like the nose I was born with (which I missed and desperately wanted back).

I went through with the “procedure,” which is entirely outpatient. It consists of several visits, once every six weeks until the desired look is achieved, where permanent silicone is injected into your nose. It may sound scary. It isn’t. Your nose is numbed with cream 30 minutes prior to reduce the discomfort. Even with the cream, having a needle stuck into your nose is uncomfortable, but the whole process is SO short (stress balls also helped), that you hardly remember as soon as it’s done. (Nevermind, the discomfort here is NOTHING compared to that of a surgical rhinoplasty).

After completing the procedure, my botched initial nose job is now fixed! The results look completely natural. Now, if I mention to anyone that I’ve had anything done to my nose, they’re shocked. The literal response I most frequently get is, “WHAT? I never would have guessed. Not in a million years. NEVER.”

I know some people have expressed concerns with using injectable silicon. I’ve never had any negative experience with this process. No allergic or adverse reactions whatsoever.

My only regret is that I hadn’t met Dr. Kotler when I was nineteen. I NEVER would have had a surgical rhinoplasty if I had. I wish more people knew this was an option. I feel like many people who think they may need, or want, a surgical rhinoplasty could have their desires met with Dr. Kotler’s unique, nonsurgical technique. He’s that rare surgeon who is both lovely and incredibly skilled. I would recommend any of my friends or family to him in a heartbeat.

Review from Anonymous90 - |

One of my biggest regrets is prematurely getting a nose job at 19. I had a very slight bump that I wanted removed. Despite seeing one of the top surgeons in Manhattan, my natural tip (which I had previously loved), was decimated. Over time, it just got worse. Too much cartilage was removed, so my nostrils became increasingly retracted. In short, it became obvious I had gotten a nose job.

I had a hard time going through elective surgery the first time (a lot of swelling, bruising, pain, and more down time than I had anticipated), so as much as I wanted my nose fixed, I dreaded the idea of a second rhinoplasty.

A friend mentioned Dr. Kotler and said I should book a consult with him for “nonsurgical rhinoplasty.” Despite never having heard of this option before (which actually made sense. Even in Beverly Hills, the land of infamous surgeons, he’s the only one who does it!), I booked a consult immediately.

I was sold immediately on Dr. Kotler’s personality (he’s incredibly warm and personable, as his right-hand woman, Mary. I felt like he truly cared about me and wanted to help me get the best result; I wasn’t just a “bottom line,” and he wasn’t just in this just to “make a buck”). During our first appointment, he performed the saline demo on me (which simulates the result of what the nonsurgical rhinoplasty would look like). I was sold immediately. My nose looked like the nose I was born with (which I missed and desperately wanted back).

I went through with the “procedure,” which is entirely outpatient. It consists of several visits, once every six weeks until the desired look is achieved, where permanent silicone is injected into your nose. It may sound scary. It isn’t. Your nose is numbed with cream 30 minutes prior to reduce the discomfort. Even with the cream, having a needle stuck into your nose is uncomfortable, but the whole process is SO short (stress balls also helped), that you hardly remember as soon as it’s done. (Nevermind, the discomfort here is NOTHING compared to that of a surgical rhinoplasty).

After completing the procedure, my botched initial nose job is now fixed! The results look completely natural. Now, if I mention to anyone that I’ve had anything done to my nose, they’re shocked. The literal response I most frequently get is, “WHAT? I never would have guessed. Not in a million years. NEVER.”

I know some people have expressed concerns with using injectable silicon. I’ve never had any negative experience with this process. No allergic or adverse reactions whatsoever.

My only regret is that I hadn’t met Dr. Kotler when I was nineteen. I NEVER would have had a surgical rhinoplasty if I had. I wish more people knew this was an option. I feel like many people who think they may need, or want, a surgical rhinoplasty could have their desires met with Dr. Kotler’s unique, nonsurgical technique. He’s that rare surgeon who is both lovely and incredibly skilled. I would recommend any of my friends or family to him in a heartbeat.

Review from Gayle L. - Beverly Hills, CA | July 15, 2017

This is my second visit to Dr Kotler and he is truly amazing. I had the saline nose injection procedure done to help with the shape of my nose, and it saved me from doing surgery! Dr Kotler is pleasant and professional. He has a gentle touch and a great eye. I love it that he tried to help me fix the shape of my nose without pushing surgery. I highly recommend visiting Dr Kotler for your nose concerns.

Review from ccas123 - | July 9, 2017

I have known Dr. Kotler for almost three years now. I have gotten the non-surgical rhinoplasty and my daughter had a rhinoplasty with him. He was so helpful and informative throughout the process and took the time to explain all our options. The office staff is so attentive! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a rhinoplasty or injectables go visit him! He is the best in Beverly Hills.

Review from Dayana S. - Glendale, CA | July 8, 2017

Where to even start.

Robert Kotler is a GENIUS. I have been insecure about my nose for as long as I can remember. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know which surgeon to go to.. I was recommended by a good friend of mine that got her rhinoplasty done with Robert Kotler… Mind you, I never went for a consultation elsewhere. I directly went to Dr. Robert Kotler only because he’s known for his natural work & because he has the MOST knowledge & experience.

& let me tell you….. getting my rhinoplasty done with Dr. Kotler has been the wisest decision I have ever made for myself. His staff is utterly professional & competent. My surgery took about 50 minutes… my breathing is PERFECT & I am IN love with my nose.

Thank you Dr. Kotler & staff for taking great care of me!

Review from K C. - Hartford, CT | June 18, 2017

Met with Dr. Kotler again in NYC, nearer to where I live, for some injections following my SRT. Again, he continues to impress and delight me as a patient with his competence, friendliness, willingness to accommodate me and ensure that my nose is exactly as I want it. It’s been nearly a year since my surgery, and I can say that it has, hands-down, been one of the best decisions of my life. The confidence I have gained is priceless, the nose continues to look better as it heals, and the injections address the few things (mainly, nostril flaring) that could not be addressed through surgery. Dr. Kotler’s warm, friendly, and extremely down-to-earth nature continue to be my favorite things about him, right up there with the fact that he is THE BEST at what he does!

Review from LillyRiriLeelee - Los Angeles, CA | May 19, 2017

I got a functional and cosmetic nasal surgery (rhino+septoplasty and turbinate resection) Both the doctor and staff are/were very supportive before and after surgery. It cost 200$ for the consultation and during the consultation I expressed what I was concerned about which was my dorsal hump and making my nose look natural. My concerns were heard and understood. I didn’t​ feel pressured to say yes, but I did go in with the mindset of “I want this.” Still, I feel that, had I decided against getting the surgery, I could have said no at anytime. I believe it cost me around 12,800$ for my surgery in total and I got care credit. I got everything booked very quickly as I wanted to get my surgery at the end of December of last year, so I paid a down payment of 1,000$ in order to confirm my day of surgery. Mary explained everything to me very clearly and even gave me my pre-op that same day since my appointment was scheduled for about a few weeks later. I ended up getting sick, so I had to reschedule. I got my surgery on January 5th, 2017. I followed the instructions they gave me to a T! Skin care, medicines, and clothing everything. I was super nervous because of surgery, but everyone was so kind that I tried to put my nerves out of my mind. As I was in my gown waiting for the magic blue pill to kick in, a girl had just finished getting her rhinoplasty and being able to hear her wake up and scream really freaked me out. That lasted a minute because that pill kicked in and all was well. I was wheeled into the operating room and was met by nurses and anesthesiologist who explained everything to me again (he called me the day before) and then someone complemented my socks and…..nothing. I woke up in what felt like two minutes later feeling cold, hungry, and a little woozy, but no pain. A nurse helped me get dressed and helped me get to the bathroom. Dr. Kotler spoke to me and my mom who showed up a few minutes later and explained some more things again. I got my packing out after two days and five days my splint came off. Both doctor Kotler or Mary would call me every few days to see how I was doing which was nice. Mary responds to emails and phone calls very quickly and I could call Dr. Kotler if I felt I needed to as he gave me his cellphone number in case I had an emergency or basic question. It’s been almost five months and I’m really happy with my nose, it’s still going to refine itself a bit more and I can’t wait. I highly recommend Dr. Kotler!! 🙂

Review from Mary H. - Beverly Hills, CA | April 15, 2017

I had a chemical peel done by Dr. Kotler decades ago, and my wrinkles have never come back! I was extremely wrinkled due to heredity, but mostly due to way too many years soaking up sun and fun in the South Pacific. When I was in my 40’s, my oh-so-empathetic husband exclaimed “You look like a 60 year old woman!” First I had a facelift by another doctor, which really didn’t do the trick, because my problem was wrinkled skin, not so much sagging muscles. When I finally got around to doing the chemical peel about 6 years later, it turned out to be the absolute best thing I ever did for myself in my life! It’s been 21 years and my wrinkles haven’t returned–a much better result than I anticipated or ever hoped for! Look at the Before & After photos on Dr. Kotler’s website–this procedure is miraculous and Dr. Kotler is a genius! It’s a big deal because there’s a longer recovery period than laser, but it’s so worth it because it lasts, some say forever, but I don’t need it that long, just another 20 years!

Review from Jazmin Z - Los Angeles, CA | March 24, 2017

Life changing!!! Fixed what another doctor had ruined! I dreamed of looking like myself again and now I do.

Review from MamaSan - | March 7, 2017

Dr. Kotler is the Best of the Best! He’s talented, honest, humble and professional. I had a botched rhinoplasty in which I consulted with numerous surgeons in my area. One doctor told me he would have to remove all implants, wait for at least 6 months for it to heal then undergo another surgery. Another told me he would only know how to proceed after going in. While another said I have a nasal collapse and perhaps an allergic reaction to the implants. Everything I heard did not make me feel confident in the doctors or the procedures they were going to perform. After two years of searching, I was resigned to think that I would have to live with a botched nose until I consulted with Dr. Kotler. Dr. Kotler was confident and convinced that he could fix my situation with one surgery followed by three fillers. There was nothing wrong with my nasal airways and there was no need to remove anything but just simply go in and shave some areas down. A year later, I scheduled my surgery with him. As soon as I came out of surgery, I actually could see a difference. Aftercare was great as well: he called that night and his professional staff followed up with me days later. Literally ten days later, most everything swelled down with no pain. I am really happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Kotler to anyone. Don’t waste your time and money on doctors that think they know noses but go to Dr. Kotler who actually knows. Another admirable trait about Dr. Kotler is that he is honest and true to himself. If he is uncomfortable with a procedure, he will refer you to a doctor that can instead of taking up a case to botch it.

Review from Pilar L. - Los Angeles, CA | February 27, 2017

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kotler. I am a physician myself, and if I can give more than 5 stars I would. He revised my rhinoplasty through silicon injections with a great precision and minimal pain. I would recommend him to anyone who is insecure about their nose. Did I mention he has a great bed manners!!!. He is the top level specialist to go to when you need one. I am glad I did 😉

Review from Allana D. - Los Angeles, CA | February 23, 2017

I don’t even know where to begin. My friend got her rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Kotler. I fell in love with her nose ..it was symmetrical, perfect, & so natural. I made a consultation with him & I fell in love with his staff & him. They’re so competent, & just so professional, it’s surreal! I’m just so speechless! & I look forward in my rhinoplasty surgery in June!

Review from Kasita Y. - Eastvale, CA | January 31, 2017

I had a rhinoplasty procedure done that turned out not so great since I didn’t have enough rib cartilage to use after my long 7 hour surgery. I was left very upset, disappointed and was even more self conscious about my nose after my first procedure. I decided to get another doctor’s opinion regarding a second rhinoplasty. I first heard about silicone fillers for the nose through this doctor, but he did not do it himself. I did my research and Dr. Robert Kotler’s names was the only one that popped up on the internet, beside another out of state doctor who practice silicone fillers for the nose. I was hesitant since silicone has such a bad rap, but felt like this was a better option besides temporarily fillers. I schedule my appointment and was super anxious to find out more about the non surgical procedure. Dr. Kotler is amazing and super caring. He listened to my concerns, did a careful examination of my nose and offered his own expert advice. I decided to proceed with the silicone fillers for my nose and the results are just amazing! It looks like a complete different nose. I’m so glad I went to him. His whole staff is super professional and caring as well. Thank you Dr. Kotler!

Review from Leslie S. - Pasadena, CA | January 11, 2017

Dr Kotler is a true artist. I always felt self conscious about my nose and wanted to make a change but was scared about having surgery. From the first moment I walked into Dr Kotler’s office I knew I was in good hands. His staff is friendly, professional and he is the nicest man. He takes his time with you to explain exactly what he will do and you never feel rushed, which is unusual in a Doctor’s office these days.

The surgery went well and the surgery center was great, the entire experience exceeded my expectations. I felt well taken care of and the best part I love the way my nose looks. Dr Kotler did an incredible job my nose looks so much better, yet it looks so natural and fits my face. I feel confident about myself for the first time.

Review from jendean - | December 29, 2016

I am the worst at writing reviews but I need to at least try for this Doctor! I’ll start by saying, Dr. Kotler is amazing – very sweet, very patient, very clear explanations of everything! I have had 2 of my 3 injections for a non-surgical nose job. After the first injection I literally cried in my car because I was so happy! I can’t believe what a HUGE difference it made! My tip was so crooked from a previous surgery (not with Dr. Kotler) it was pointing to the right – looked like it was melting. (bad visual, I know) I had a weird dent right above the turn – it was bizarre. I was so worried that nothing could be done – he assured me right away that it could! I wish I had done this long ago! I am still so surprised how such a small amount of the Silikon 1000 can make such a huge difference! Anyway, best experience ever! I would strongly recommend Dr Kotler to everyone!

Review from Max M. - Beverly Hills, CA | November 29, 2016

Unequivocally, the best plastic surgeon/super-specialist in world. He’s 1 of 2 physicians in the US offering non-surgical permanent rhinoplasty – a very rare noninvasive, highly skilled technique using silicon filler that requires absolute precision to achieve a perfect result.

Plenty of doctors do temporary fillers that wear off in 3-6 months because they lack the experience and patience required to execute at Dr. Kotler’s level. He’s unparalleled with 40+ years of rhinoplasties – more than anyone else in the field.

How do I know all this? I did months of extensive research on the efficacy of his work before committing to the procedure. I reviewed hundreds of before-and-after photos, Yelp and Real Self testimonials, countless clinical studies on the safety of silicon injections and most importantly, Dr. Kotler’s background. Apart from his sterling reputation, he’s a published author and authority in the space. Now that my treatment is complete, I can truly say that I’m honored to have been under his care. Simply put: everything about him and his support staff, is world class.

I contacted his office to correct a low bridge and asymmetry from a previous rhinoplasty years ago for a broken nose – they call this “revision rhinoplasty”. His staff requested some photos and responded with hours. “You’re the ideal candidate for non-surgical filler”. Thank god! I should also mention, Dr. Kotler is ethical. He will NOT operate if does not believe he can help you. His emphasis is on natural appearances and the enhancement of your innate features – not “overdone” looks. Consider this: there are so many bad nose jobs out there that a new market for “revision rhinoplasty” has emerged and he has become one of the few experts who can rescue these cases.

I will admit, the thought of a permanent filler scared me a bit. He is very transparent (e.g. once it’s in, no turning back), so some courage and faith are necessary to commit. To temper your fear, he offers a saline solution demo that dissolves within a few hours to let you see the final result before moving onto the permanent solution. I bypassed the demo, because honestly, we hit it off in the consult, as I’m sure he does with most patients, and I immediately trusted him. He’s affable and articulate with excellent bedside manner. They’ll also generate a computer rendering of the ‘after’ photo if you’d like. I’m highly intuitive and quickly read people – Dr. Kotler won my respect within minutes.

My first injection was the same day as the consultation. They numb the site, hand you a mirror, Dr. Kotler describes the objective for that day, and within minutes it’s over. No pain, no bandages, no blood. I’m dumbfounded why anyone would go under the knife when this procedure is applicable and available. And it’s $1,000 per treatment. MORE than fair. He’s not in it for the money – he just enjoys using his talent to help people.

I did (5) treatments, (6) weeks apart, all during my lunch hour. Back to the office – no one said a thing. The results are subtle at first, so you MUST be patient, but rest assured, you will attain perfection in end. So worth it for a natural look. I get compliments all the time from friends about how good I look lately, etc. They just can’t figure out what’s changed. I love that. It takes months, but restoring symmetry in a natural way gives you newfound confidence.

People come from all over to see Dr. Kotler. I was fortunate enough to live within minutes, but would traveled to to see him. Thank you Mary, Heather, Yvonne…and the one and only Dr. Kotler! Life-changing!

Review from Carolyn R. - Marco Island, FL | November 13, 2016

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Kotler since he performed my rhinoplasty – 28 years ago! May I say he gave me the most beautiful nose, of which I’ve received many compliments over the years. I know that rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated of cosmetic procedures & requires a true specialist in order to obtain an excellent result, which is exactly what I got – a true specialist with Dr. Kotler AND an excellent result! One of my dearest friends experienced quite the opposite as myself. She has had two nasal surgeries with a less than desirable result. I suggested she have her questions answered once and for all, by seeking the advice & expertise of Dr. Kotler. Not only did he truthfully & honestly give his opinion regarding future surgery for her (which he discouraged), but gave pragmatic reasons for her to ‘let it be’. In his opinion the risk of another surgery would not justify a slight cosmetic improvement. She accepted his assessment, realizing she had just consulted with the best. If you are reading this and comtemplating rhinoplasty, do it once & do it right – consult with Dr. Kotler….you’ll be in VERY good hands! P.S. And as the years have flown by, I will be seeing Dr. Kotler in the very near future for a little ‘neck lifting’ – I wouldn’t go to anyone other…….

Review from M M. - Los Angeles, CA | October 22, 2016

First, let me say the Dr. Kotler is a gem of a man. Obviously he’s one the finest surgeons in the world, but above and beyond that, he is just so incredibly kind and supportive. When you’re a patient of his, you know beyond any doubt that he cares about you and a) wants you to have the absolute finest results, and b) to have as little discomfort or suffering as possible. Having surgery with him is something like if your father, brother, or best friend happened to be a world-class surgeon: you would know that they want the absolute best for you and they care for you deeply, and they would be there for you you 24/7 if you needed anything at all during your recovery or had any concerns. As others have mentioned, his patients have his cell and home #’s and he makes sure that you feel absolutely encouraged to call him at any time if you need something or have a concern (and I did end up doing this several times… once for a late night prescription which he then called in and was ready within an hour, once when saw me in his office on a Sat (when the office was otherwise closed) to take care of an issue I was having, and once when I had a rather urgent question. Surgeons in general are known for being arrogant and sometimes unsympathetic, but Dr. Kotler is absolutely the complete opposite of that. The man just emanates goodness, and as I can see with the # of reviews here, obviously I’m not the only one who thinks that. And in terms of his surgical skills, he’s second to none: he was a doc in the military (including trauma training), and is a master of both ENT and Plastics, with at least 40 years of experience. Really, what more could someone ask for in a surgeon who’s working on their nose or face. And all of that quality/standard of care extends to his office personnel… they’re all incredibly nice and extremely experienced (I’d like to give an extra thank you to Mary for being as gentle and skilled as she is!).

My story is that I had a deviated septum – one ENT doc told me it was the worst he’d ever seen. I saw two other ENT surgeons prior to Dr. Kotler, and had booked septoplasty with one of them. During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon explained that he wanted to splint/pack my nose for 7 days, and that I wouldn’t be able to breathe through my nose during that time. I came home from that consultation and thought, ‘there has got to be a better way than this,’ and did some more research and found Dr. Kotler, initially because of other patients mentioning the breathing tubes he invented that allow people to continue breathing through their nose while it’s packed (also, Dr. Kotler packs for much less time… mine was only scheduled to be 4 days, and I ended up having part of the packing removed after 2 days). To be honest, the breathing tube and packing-time factors in themselves might have been enough to make me choose Dr. Kotler, but after a consultation with him (and doing more research), the choice was even easier. As I said, he’s a gem of a man, and his wealth of experience is just so evident when you spend even a few minutes with him. So, I had the surgery done with him and I have to say absolutely everything he said would happen, did happen, exactly as he said it would. Every timeline for healing, every med worked as it should, everything he said I would experience, I did, and the things he said I wouldn’t experience, I didn’t, and he was available absolutely any time I needed him (he even called to check in on me a couple of times) and the results are absolutely fantastic. I can breathe better than I ever have, perhaps, in my entire life. My wife even woke me up once because I was sleeping so quietly that she feared I might have died!

So to summarize, the breathing tubes were such a game changer, and even more importantly, the results of the surgery are incredible (as was Dr. Kotler and his team’s care during recovery). Also, I love that he uses both traditional meds as well as natural/homeopathic meds. His Pre-Op information package is outstanding…. Much more helpful than what I received from the other surgeon I was scheduled with, and included so many practical tips, healing-promoting foods, and naturopathic/homeopathic meds that actually work.

This is by far the longest review I’ve ever written for anything, but I really wanted to for Dr. Kotler. He and his team are just amazing and I’m very grateful for them.

As a side note, as I was leaving Dr. Kotler’s office after a checkup a few days post-op, another person was in the elevator with me who worked at another plastic surgeon’s office, and she asked me how my pain was. I said, actually, no pain… I stopped the pain medications after the first day. She said she was thinking of having rhinoplasty and I recommended Dr. Kotler, and she said, ‘oh ya, Dr. Kotler – he’s great!’. So his reputation has preceded him even at other medical offices!

Review from jannose - | October 4, 2016

I had always been very self conscious about my nose. Dr. Kotler no only made me feel at ease but gave me a lot of confidence with the procedure. From the moment I stepped into the office, he and his staff were very kind and attentive. But most importantly, I am very happy with the results of my nose surgery. Thank you Dr. Kotler!

Review from Amir J. - Redondo Beach, CA | September 13, 2016

Last Thursday at 8AM, I was still suffering from 100% blockage in both nostrils due to my anatomy and sustaining many head injuries throughout my life as a knucklehead and a martial artist.

I met Dr. Kotler at his office last month for a consultation as the anxiety of not getting in enough air was becoming overwhelming and unbearable. Looking up my nostrils, one would only see bone and cartridge. The combination of his ora, smile and undeniable confidence made me feel very comfortable in that I was in the right place. The consult felt like déjà vu.

I had known about him for a few years being from LA. I also have 2 UCLA sisters, one currently faculty at UCLA, one at Cornell, both of whom teach graduating doctors. The 3 of us used to watch Dr 90210 together where I got my first introduction to Dr. Kotler. I knew and felt that I was not a normal case and that I needed a super-specialist in noses. The consult was fast as I had previously made up my mind, felt I didn’t need to do much homework, nor did I need more motivation considering my situation. I was able to take someone else’s cancellation and book my operation just as fast.

It is no secret that Dr. Kotler is the best in BH and I knew he would be the one to put my face back together. Last Thursday he did just that. I had my post op today, Tuesday, and he took out the Airway tubes he has designed and developed himself, which helped me breath while recovering the last five days, along with the packing in my nasal cavity. They slid out easily as I had irrigated my nose frequently and kept the interior moist using a syringe like device provided to me along with the Kotler Airway tubes.

This experience exceeded my expectations. I stopped taking the pain meds as I did not need them by day 2, same day I went back to work on a construction site all day, keeping it light, taking it easy, but walking back and fourth a lot. My black eyes and some bruising that showed up only the day after my surgery are gone 90-95% because I followed his instructions. The swelling on my face is down dramatically and He says I can go back to doing cardio and lifting heavy weight at the GYM by this weekend. Unbelievable!, right?

Dr. Kotler saved the bone/cartilage he removed from my nostrils and sinus cavity because he said I was one of the most difficult nose cases he has done in all of his career as a facial surgeon and even allowed me to take it home to show to my wife when I asked if I could take a picture of it. Wifey and I simply could not believe our eyes. My surgery was less than 2 hours long, I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around how much was done in that time period. And I’m sure his efficiency in the operating room has significantly improved my unbelievable rate of recovery (along with following his pre-operating instructions as directed). As I’m writing this, I’m able to breath today for the first time in over a decade thanks to the healing hands of this amazing surgeon, person, and a US Army veteran.

Dr. Kotler also straightened my septum and removed some calcium build up on the bridge of my nose. My nose is once again actually in the center of my face and straight. He did all this and I don’t have any visible scars or stitches on my face. The stitches on the inside will self dissolve. He said my breathing will even get better overtime as the internal swelling goes down. I personally feel 100% functionally and 95% cosmetically now.

Dr. Kotler, Mary, and the rest of his staff and nurses are kind and professional. Efficient and effective. I could not be happier with the services I received. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Kotler for what he has done for me. Five stars seam unjust considering the magnitude by which he has improved the quality of my life. Thank you Dr. Kotler. You are amazing!

Review from Lisa S. - Beverly Hills, CA | September 3, 2016

Dr. Kotler has done rhinoplasty on both of my daughters and he is incredible. He and his staff make you feel very confident and comfortable before the surgery with the amazing way they treat you. They make you feel like you are their absolute most important patient with their kind and caring demeanor. Both of my girls are beyond thrilled with their results. They look so natural and we couldn’t be happier that we chose Dr. Kotler. We would use him again and again, and we would refer him to anyone without a doubt. He took amazing care of us and went above and beyond to make sure the girls were doing well after the surgery too. We feel like Dr. Kotler really listened to what each of my girls wanted and he did his very best to give them results that they were happy with. Not only do i feel like this surgery made them feel better about themselves in their appearance, but it has boosted their confidence so much which to me is the most important part of the whole surgery. For us, it was a total success thanks to Dr. Kotler and his incredible staff.

Review from samuelericss - | August 28, 2016

Dr. Kotler is simply the best and extraordinary doctor that I could have ever hoped for! He is exceptionally skilled and best on his specialty which is chin and nose augmentation. To be honest, before commit to Dr. Kotler I’ve consult with many doctors in town and NO ONE like him. He is the most kindest and HONEST doctor I’ve ever met. After decided to do a chin implant with Dr. Kotler and the results was AMAZING, I am thinking to get my nose done because I want it to be more narrower and he told me that my nose is a good candidate for silikon 1000 injection instead of surgery (more cheaper too and permanent) and the result was so fabulous. No pain at all after the surgery and injection. He is always available to answer questions, even well before and after the surgery. You wont find a more professional and pleasing plastic surgeon than Dr. Kotler with a NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS, in addition to a great man with a good heart behind his expertise. -Sam.

Review from Poppy S. - Palm Desert, CA | August 25, 2016

Dr. Kotler is infinitely patient and kind! I have been to him for non-surgical rhinoplasty and follow ups. I always feel that he is listening very carefully to my concerns and wishes, and I have never ever felt rushed. If you visit Dr. K., you will find that he has the bedside manner of an old fashioned doctor from a small town, even though he is a world renowned specialist in Beverly Hills…so a nice man who is down to earth and with zero attitude! As an artist, I am so grateful that he is very, very conservative in his actions and takes the time to produce the most natural results. As a result, he has never made the mistake of going too far or making me look unnatural. I highly recommend Dr. K. for anyone considering a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Unlike many others who offer non-surgical rhino, Dr. K. offers the unusual advantage of PERMANENT results. He is an amazing doctor and and a wonderful person. I am extremely happy with the work he has done for me.

Review from D C. - Beverly Hills, CA | August 4, 2016

I’ve always been self conscious about my nose; particularly by side profile and my bump. In addition, I had a major deviated septum and blockage on my right side of my nose. I went to a few different doctors and didn’t feel a connection with any of them. The other surgeons didn’t care about how I felt nor what I wanted. Once, I finished my consultation with Dr. Kotler, I without a doubt knew that he was going to be my surgeon. He actually listend to me and tried to understand my concerns, giving me insight on what I should do and what wouldn’t look too good on me. I did rhinoplasty and septoplasty about three weeks ago and although I am swollen, I LOVEEEEE my nose. My side profile is perfect. It looks so natural and isn’t exaggerated or scooped the way a lot of other doctors do it. Everyday my nose gets better and better. The swelling is significant because he had to break my nose but I am absolutely in love with how I look. Dr. Kotler truly changed my life for the better!!!!!!!

Review from Frank D. - Toluca Lake, Los | July 22, 2016

Yelp’s definition of 5 stars is “as good as it gets”. I can think of no better summary of my experience. When it comes to rhinoplasty (and probably every other form of plastic surgery), Dr. Kotler is truly the best. He possesses that rare combination of technical expertise and personal compassion and caring. If you have to fly in from another state, it is well worth it. If you already live in or near Los Angeles, consider yourself very, very lucky. Either way you will be getting a true master in his field. The fact that his prices are competitive with far less experienced practitioners is just one of many bonuses. If you do decide to see someone else, they may do a good job or a bad one. A few may even be great. But if you want everything to be PERFECT, Dr. Kotler is your man!

Review from Catherine C. - Los Angeles, CA | July 15, 2016

I cannot recommend Dr. Kotler highly enough. He is that rarity (especially in Beverly Hills) who is both a phenomenal human being (very kind, humble and warm) and a phenomenal surgeon. He listens to your concerns and doesn’t try to push other “procedures” on you, like so many other doctors do. In fact, when I thought I needed more work done, he turned me down! He thought it would be “unnecessary” and a “waste of my money.” I mean….a man with that kind of integrity in this town is a unicorn. Sign me up for life.

I came to Dr. Kotler to fix a rhinoplasty job that left with me a very pointy tip that I HATED. It made me extremely self-conscious and I was embarrassed to be photographed. Through multiple out-patient sessions, Dr. Kotler fixed my botched nose job via permanent silicone injections. No surgery; no downtime. I wish I had known this option existed before I got a nose job to begin with!! I would never have initially gone down the surgical path if I had.

I am THRILLED with the results Dr. Kotler provided. Not only was my botched nose completely fixed – it now looks completely natural. He fixed all my “issues,” and no one ever guesses I’ve had any work done. When I (selectively) share that I have, people are SHOCKED. “I would never have known!” is the standard, incredulous response; the ultimate sign of incredible work, in my opinion.

No other surgeon I’m aware of (and I’ve met A LOT), approaches rhinoplasty like Dr. Kotler. If you want to change your nose, you do not need to go down the surgical route!! Meet with Dr. Kotler first. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In summary, if you’re looking for natural results, look no further than Dr. Kotler. He is exceptional.

Review from Adam Mintz - |

When I needed my deviated septum fixed, I did not hesitate one bit to call on Dr. Kotler… I am familiar with many of the plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and Dr. Kotler trumps them all! I wouldn’t have gone to or trusted anyone else! He is a true mensch and as accomplished as they come. The quality of care and service is First Class, far better and more attentive than any doctor I have gone to… for ANYTHING! From initial visit to months after surgery, Kotler is there for his clients!

Review from PATS Therapy - | July 12, 2016

What a great experience and wonderful result with Dr. Kotler and his caring and attentive team! I had both functional (septoplasty and turbinate reduction) and cosmetic rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Kotler before Thanksgiving of last year. Dr. Kotler and his staff made me feel welcome and cared for from the 1st consultation and pre-op visit to the now 3rd visit after 3.5 months of surgery. I’m very happy to report that my breathing problems (and even right ear clogging from a childhood medical issue) have been fully corrected. I’m now breathing so well, I never get congested anymore and I also haven’t had a cold or the flu during this winter season. My decision to have the nose surgery has also helped me feel more satisfied with the appearance of my nose. I feel more feminine, delicate and beautiful… and my fiancé absolutely adores my new nose. Due to the amazing nasal tubes (invented by Dr. Kotler himself) I was able to breathe during the initial 5 days of recovery and even better thereafter. While my father, who also had this procedure, reported that he was congested and unable to breathe for a FULL MONTH post surgery. My recovery was uncomfortable for only 2-3 days post-surgery, but I chose not to take pain medication at all. I had no bruising and other than a major headache and tension in my face, my first few days were quite normal. I even went out to watch a movie on the 3rd day post-surgery. All in all, an absolutely wonderful experience and my nose feels and looks great and getting better every month ;-).
There aren’t enough words of gratitude to express towards Dr. Kotler, so I decided to write him “An Appreciation poem” that goes like this:

Born with gifts from the Divine
Noses, faces to refine
His name: Dr. Kotler. Call him K.
And when the procedure’s done
Patients look at him like Santa Clause
Feeling just like kids on Christmas Day.

Then he did my nose as well
Scraped it, shaped it, trimmed it
Making it clear as a bell.

And what more could I now want?
Other than my gratitude to show
Wearing on my face his special gift & glow.

Can’t wait for my new & happy life to start
As I’m thanking you, dear Dr. K
From the bottom of my heart.

A Heartfelt Thank You,
to Dr. Kotler

Review from Mia Irons - | July 10, 2016

I had multiple sessions of liquid rhinoplasty. Dr. Kotler is hands down my very favorite plastic surgeon that I have ever met. I only chose to use his services primarily based upon other online reviews. From my very first appointment to the final session he has gained my recommendation to others. I wanted to write a review to make it known to others searching that, yes, he is the best. His work ethic is superb. His actual work is flawless. He is warm, welcoming, kind, and extremely talented. There were times I had to bring my children to my appointments and he exhibited the kindness and compassion you would see in a grandfather of your own child. He has the most wonderful and sincere personality. But most importantly his cosmetic work is flawless. He has changed my self confidence and altered my appearance exactly how I desired, if not better. I highly recommend Dr Kotler and you would be missing out if you chose another plastic surgeon. If I could only rate my experience more than 5 stars… it would be 10! Thank you Dr Kotler!

Review from Allie S. - Encino, CA | July 6, 2016

Robert Kotler is one of the most amazing plastic surgeons in Los Angeles! In late 2015, I decided that I wanted to finally do something about one of my biggest insecurities: my chin. Therefore, I went to many consultations with board certified plastic surgeons, but never felt comfortable enough to move forward with the chin implant surgery. However, during my consultation with Dr. Kotler– the surgeon who had previously done an amazing rhinoplasty on my friend– I knew that I was in good hands, and decided to move forward with the surgery. Dr. Kotler’s easy going and friendly personality made me feel at ease with the idea of going under the knife. Moreover, fast forward to July 2016, I am now two weeks post op, and am completely in love with my new chin. I am no longer insecure when my friends are taking candid videos, or pictures of me via snapchat (lol). Thus, I give him five stars all around!

Review from RzzG - Los Angeles, CA | July 2, 2016

I was always dissatisfied with my nose because of dents here and there but never wanted to have surgeries on my face ever…I didn’t like the sound of temporary injections either because I hate having repeated treatments for life! But sadly most surgeons only offer temporary injections and I was about to give up after 2 years of searching and just go with temporary injections until I finally found Dr. Kotler on this website. I didn’t know how to do researches before so I didn’t know about this. I then read his reviews here and on yelp and on google, his website and did some more research on silikon 1000. I noticed that most surgeons don’t recommend it on nose or lips, and some people do experience some changes after years while some don’t. But I noticed that it’s probably not the silikon itself that migrates but the person’s muscle moved since as we age, some of our muscles change positions and i guess the silikon moves with it. it’s kind of like a bet? I guess. As long as you take good care of your health and skin properly I would say it’s no problem. But anyways, I decided to go for it and I just love my results! I had 5 sessions with him, first one was in December and my final session was just yesterday. They were all done with microdroplets. Was a long process but I don’t regret it. Surgery was not an option for me because my family is against any facial surgeries. I don’t want changes that people will notice a big difference. I only wanted fixes here and there to make it more straight and better shape while keeping my original structure. Dr. Kotler is one of the nicest doctor I’ve met. He gives you great advice as to how you can improve your nose and doesn’t recommend you anything you don’t need. He did tell me that surgery was not an option for me as well, which I am glad. The only difficult part was getting an appointment that fits with your schedule. Other than that, everything is great. The staffs there are very nice and professional as well. I highly recommend Dr. Kotler if you want something permanent, but be sure to take care of your face/skin properly.

Review from Elena S. - Los Angeles, CA | June 22, 2016

Dr Kotler corrected the shape of my nose with a few treatments of silicon injections. Great alternative to a plastic surgery, no downtime, promised results. I would definitely recommend to try him first before you are considering a surgery!

Review from Jenna W. - Encino, CA | June 20, 2016

Growing up I loathed my nose. Everything about it bothered me; mainly the Italian bump that I’d inherited from my mother. I would look in the mirror every single day and try to shape it to the way I wanted. For years I searched for a plastic surgeon who made me feel comfortable enough to go through with the surgery. I had always been terrified of going under the knife, but Dr. Kotler made me feel 100% confident about the entire process from beginning until end.

Within a few minutes of my consultation, I knew this was the man for the job. Out of all the doctors I had seen he had the best qualifications, personality, and confidence about his work. He’s super easy to talk to and doesn’t try to rush you through anything. He takes his time and answers all concerns you might have. Also, all of the women who work in the office are super sweet and caring and made me feel extra confident about the whole experience.

The surgery itself couldn’t have gone better. The nurses and anaesthesiologist were top quality in experience and personality, each of them taking the time to talk me through all of the steps leading up to the operating room. Once inside, Dr. Kotler explained that he was putting the anaesthetic into my drip and off to sleep I went! Prior to being put out, both Dr. Kotler and my anaesthesiologist spoke softly to me, assuring me that everything was going well. When I woke up I wasn’t in any pain, and I felt pretty coherent. I assumed that in a few hours I would need the pain pills prescribed to me but I never did! The healing process was so easy. I felt back to my normal self within a few days and was able to go and do as I had before.

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Kotler and his team for doing an exceptional job and making me feel more confident than I ever have!

Review from Brittany P. - Scottsdale, AZ | June 15, 2016

Dr. Kotler performed a rhinoplasty on me 20 years ago. As I have aged I noticed my nose had changed but it didn’t really bother me enough to have an additional surgery to correct it. I reached out to Dr. Kotler about a different issue and we set up a time to FaceTime, during that appointment I mentioned that I felt like my nose had changed as I have aged and Dr. Kotler suggested I have silicone injections done to modify the changes I had seen to my nose. Since this was not surgery but a quick in office procedure I decided to have it done. I am so glad I did! I did not feel a second of pain and my nose looks so much better! You never realize what a difference something makes until you have it done. Thank you Dr. Kotler for giving me back the nose I wanted without down time or discomfort!

Review from Sam B. - Santa Monica, CA | June 4, 2016

If u are reading this, u are lucky. U r reading a review on the best doctor for your Nose.
I was lucky someone referred me to him.

I had a nose surgery 2 years before I went to c dr kotler. The result were ok but not satisfying at all. I had almost a depression thinking abt why I spent my money to disfigure my nose?

Kept looking around for a better doc to do my revision. Went some places where they recommended 5 hours surgery to open my ribs and take cartilage to put on my nose with 30 k cost… What??? I was lost n depressed!

Went to c dr kotler. He mad me feel good about myself and recommended fillers to correct the imperfection!! Omg! Did that work like magic. Small needle, no surgery, no pain and he seriously changed my nose to a natural beautiful one.
Can’t thank u enough dr kotler! He also refunded my money Bcz I didn’t need more sessions.

He is the best doc in the field. Compassionate, good hearted, and honest man. And he knows what he is doing!!

Review from Veronica J. - Venice, CA | May 20, 2016

For at least 10 years I have hated the way my nose looks. It had a toucan sam effect. I always said I could lay on the ground on a sunny day and you could tell the time by the shadow my nose left on my face. About 3 years ago, I was dropped on my face in a piggy back riding accident gone wrong and my nose was smashed in. Now, it looked even worse and, on top of that, it didn’t function properly. When I finally made the decision to get my nose done, I saw a few doctors for consultations, but Dr. Kotler was stood out from the rest. He had done best friend’s nose and he did a REALLY good job with her so I already knew he does good work before the consultation.

What really set him apart though was the care and commitment he had during the consultation. He examined inside my nose to assess the damage and even sent out a booger sample to make sure my nose didn’t have any unwanted bacteria before the surgery and to ensure that there would be no complications. That made me feel very safe. He also took the time to explain to me how deviated my septum truly was, and it was definitely z-shaped.

Not only was he caring and thorough but he was also incredibly sweet and nice and funny. Very good bedside manner. I truly enjoyed having him as my doctor. He even offered me his personal phone number (as he does to all his patients) so I could call him if I needed anything before or after the surgery. I was given a very detailed pre-op and post-op instruction sheet with great tips for healing and handling the pain meds.

I had requested the Tramadol and suffered from pretty severe constipation. On the pre-op/post-op sheet, however, they put in large BOLD letters to decrease your intake in potassium and take laxatives with the medication AS SOON as you feel even a little constipated. I was an idiot and didn’t do that so I suffered more than I should have. BUT even with that set back, I still feel it was completely worth it.

I noticed immediately that I could breathe better. I sleep better, I have more energy, and I’m just plain happier. Dr. Kotler walked out of the surgery flabbergasted, and remarked to my mother, “I don’t know how that girl was able to breathe.” I really needed it.

Not only was it practical, however, it was also cosmetic. I felt my old nose was not right for me. I really liked the rest of my face and felt that my nose ruined it. It just didn’t belong. Dr. Kotler not only helped me to breathe properly, but he gave me the nose I always wanted. He shaved the bump down and raised the tip. The changes were subtle enough that no one noticed I had surgery, but radical enough that the surgery was effective in giving me the shape and look I wanted.

It looks like the nose I should have been born with – and that is a direct quote from my mother who didn’t think I needed the surgery for cosmetic reasons in the first place. Dr. Kotler’s work left everyone who said I shouldn’t do the surgery standing corrected (mainly my grandmother – even she loved it). It was perfect. Undetectable but effective.

My nose finally fit my face. It felt so great to walk around and not hate a part of my face. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life than to have a beautiful, breathable nose. I was able to have that with Dr. Kotler.

His staff is also very friendly and caring. When I was suffering from constipation, I was unable to find or answer my phone. I could barely move and my mom was worried so she called Dr. Kotler’s office. One of the staff members, Mary, called me concerned a few times. I finally found my phone and called them back and she was very nice and helpful.

It was my own fault that I had not taken the proper precautions with the medication given that I have undiagnosed inflammation of the bowels. Dr. Kotler and the staff were a great help and made an effort to make sure I was okay. When I finally got through the shit storm – literally – I felt better than ever. Getting this nose job was the greatest decision I’ve ever made, practically and cosmetically.

Not only does Dr. Kotler do great work, his staff is also incredibly thorough when it comes to filing for insurance. They had all the paperwork ready to go for me so I could just mail it into my insurance company without a problem and they are really good at making sure you get your maximum benefit from the insurance company.

I highly recommend Dr. Kotler to anyone who needs cosmetic/reconstructive surgery. He does great work and I have never been happier or had more energy. I love myself and my face again, and I have Dr. Kotler to thank.

Review from C L. - West Hollywood, CA | May 9, 2016

Words cannot convey my appreciation and love for Doctor Kotler and his entire team. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Doctor Kotler is the all around perfect surgeon, he is kind, patient, caring, attentive, talented, extremely intelligent, and amazing at what he does to say the least. I went to many consults before I was lucky enough to find him through referral, and I have to say I wasn’t happy with any other surgeon and I was going to just forget about the nose job all around. He is the most seasoned and well trusted rhinoplasty surgeon. There’s a reason he has all glowing reviews.. because he has pleased all his patients and we owe a lot of happiness to him. There is nothing more important than picking the RIGHT plastic surgeon when wanting to do plastic surgery… it should not be taken lightly and should always be done by a phenomenal surgeon and there is no one better than Doctor Kotler. He is a wonderful man and a top of the line surgeon. He gave me the exact nose I wanted, natural and perfectly proportionate to my face. I am forever grateful!

Review from Nicky g. - Norwalk, CA | May 5, 2016

I struggled with breathing problems for most of my life resulting in me being addicted to nasal sprays for 10 years and thanks to the amazing Dr. Kotler I can now breath like a normal person. :’D I had a deviated septum, and ugly lump on the bridge, and overall just not a very cute nose. After undergoing rhinoseptoplasty in August of 2015, I no longer have breathing issues and my nose looks so much better now. It is definitely a process but my nose looks better and better everyday as the swelling goes down and especially after seeing the doctor this past visit where he administered filler injections as the final touches and I still have a few more to go. I’m happy with the results and the procedure itself was painless and the recovery wasn’t bad at all with the use of his invention the Kotler Nasal Airway, which are tubes inserted in the nose so you can breathe during recovery. As a plus to his skills, he is also a very charming and likeable man. Truly a pleasant person and you can tell he really cares about his patients and he wants you to be happy with your results. I’m so lucky I found him!

Review from Pamela P. - Beverly Hills, CA | April 14, 2016

Dr. Kotler is a caring compassionate physician dedicated to his craft. I had read about his
amazing face peels but I was quite frightened. I contacted his office and they suggested
I read Dr. Kotler’s book about face peels. They actually gave me a copy.

The book clear, educational and helpful and after reading it I booked an appointment.
I had a remarkable journey with him and now look at least a decade younger. I was impressed by his conscientiousness, his concern and his down to earth demeanor. He isn’t one of those arrogant “godlike” surgeons that suggest only they could help you.

I found him to be ethical and honest, good humored and respectful. He didn’t promise me a movie star face. In fact, he, along with Mary, his assistant for well over a decade, showed me via computer imaging exactly what I would look like after the procedure. I am happy to say I got what I signed up for. I admire and endorse Dr. Kotler and would recommend him and his phenomenal staff to anyone!

Review from Juliet Rachel C. - Diamond Bar, CA | March 10, 2016

I’d give Dr. Kotler much more than 5 stars if I could. He and his staff are just phenomenal. Though Dr. Kotler is an internationally recognized and renowned plastic surgeon with many, many accolades and published books, he has the most humble spirit and warm personality! You’d never know that he was a celebrity doctor! Upon meeting him, you’ll quickly feel comfortably connected and feel 100% confident that you’ll be in the best of hands. His attention to detail, sharp artistic eye, precision, and analysis of a patient’s situation is incredibly impressive. His profound knowledge and surgical skills are just remarkable. This highly specialized field requires perfection and only the very best of the BEST can attain the status that Dr. Kotler has!! Rest assured, you’ll be in excellent hands.

Review from Maribel M. - Las Vegas, NV | February 25, 2016

The decision to have an esthetic rhinoplasty with Dr Kotler was one the best decision of my life. He knew exactly what I was looking for with this surgery. Great consultation details, pre operative instructions and post operative follow up. My surgery was painless and the result excellent. I have the results I was expecting. As a physician and surgeon myself I have not reservation to recommend Dr Kotler. THE BEST!!

Review from Jason A. - Los Angeles, CA | February 19, 2016

I have been an ICU nurse for 5 years working for a major medical center in Los Angeles and have seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to elective surgeries.

My wife and I met Dr. Kotler under some very unfortunate circumstances. She had an initial rhinoplasty which had gone terribly wrong. The implant had migrated, moved inside the nose almost into her eyebrow, leaving my beautiful wife with a very present indention on the tip of her nose. It killed me each morning to watch her try to hide the indention with creams, make-up, and anything else she could get her hands on.
I knew something was wrong and we needed to fix it. She found several plastic surgeons and we went to have a consult with them. I was unimpressed. Finally, after weeks of looking I told her I wanted to do research and find her a surgeon that I felt could do the job.
As a practicing Registered Nurse I feel there are 3 traits every excellent surgeon possesses. First, as with ANY surgeon experience is essential. Dr. Kotler may look great for his age, but it’s no secret he has been doing this for ages. His examinations are exact, thorough, and presents you will the pros and cons to each procedure and treatment option.

Secondly, he is realistic. He doesn’t try to sell you fluff. He isn’t going to tell you he’s going to make you look like Jessica Alba. He’s going to try to enhance your natural features and present you in the best light. I’ve always felt the best surgeons must have some artistic talent because make no mistake much of surgery is art, not science. It is clear Dr. Kotler has an artistic touch.

Third, and finally, he listens. I know this may sound trivial but it’s not. I’ve seen many surgeries go south because the surgeon was more interested in reading medical reports than listening to the patient. Dr. Kotler assumes very little and tries to best understand the picture you both will paint.
After our initial visit I told my wife I told her I wanted him. We didn’t even ask the cost because if you think for one moment a rhinoplasty is expensive; try paying for a second one.

The surgery went great and I’m telling you as a husband I couldn’t be more relieved. To see my wife smile each morning when she looks in the mirror is worth every penny we paid. I can’t thank Dr. Kotler enough and his amazing staff.

Review from Joe C. - Torrance, CA | January 24, 2016

Dr. Kotler is a profoundly talented surgeon, in addition to being the absolute nicest, most compassionate and caring medical professional I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. His staff are enormously helpful and share Dr. Kotler’s commitment to professionalism and courtesy at all times. I am greatly satisfied with his work and cannot recommend him ENOUGH! Need a rhinoplasty? Look no further…Dr. Kotler is as good as it gets!

Review from Pau S. - Beverly Hills, CA | January 15, 2016

Dr. Kotler is the nicest and most sweetest man you will ever come across. He really cares about his patients and makes everyone feel special. The office staff is also very friendly and make you feel so comfortable. I would 100% definitely recommend friends and family to come here no doubt.

Review from Giulienne L. - Granada Hills, CA | December 4, 2015

Dr. Kotler is a very corteous, likeable, knowledgeable man. I had an appointment to correct a crooked bridge on my nose with silicone injections. Firstly, no other doctor performs silicone (permanent) injections. Rather, all the other doctors wanted to inject me with radiesse (lasts 2-3 years at best) at practically the same price. Dr. Kotler did an exceptional job and appreciate his workmanship. Thank you.

Review from Veronica S. - Malibu, CA | December 2, 2015

Dr Kotler is an incredible professional and has an amazing eye for detail and proportion. I returned to him after 15 year for few tweaks and he took care of me incredibly well at no charge!
I recommended him to my sister as well as a close friend and they are both very satisfied with his work. You’re in good hands with Dr. Kotler.

Review from Stephanie L. - Burbank, CA | November 26, 2015

I came to Dr. Kotler with a chronic problem I had been battling all my life. He was the first doctor that I felt really understood me. He was very caring and the procedure was extremely smooth. He used his own tubingware after the procedure that allowed me to breath immediately after the surgery. Due to this I had no bruising after and was back up and around within a few days. I’m very thankful I found him.

Review from Adam M. - Los Angeles, CA | November 16, 2015

Kotler is the best! He is dedicated to his clients’ satisfaction and will go to great lengths to serve their interests while providing the most sound medical advice available! I wouldn’t even consider any other surgeon for handling my nose… both the deviated septum and cosmetic. He is a specialist and it shows in his care – pre and post surgery. He’s worth it… the best at what he does! And even more important, he is an upstanding mensch of a doctor!

Review from D - | November 6, 2015

I would like to thank the surgery staff, Dr. Kotler and his helpful staff.

Thank you for taking such great care of me =)

Review from Mia B. - Dana Point, CA | October 23, 2015

I had multiple sessions of liquid rhinoplasty. Dr. Kotler is hands down my very favorite plastic surgeon that I have ever met. I only chose to use his services primarily based upon other online reviews. From my very first appointment to the final session he has gained my recommendation to others. I wanted to write a review to make it known to others searching that, yes, he is the best. His work ethic is superb. His actual work is flawless. He is warm, welcoming, kind, and extremely talented. There were times I had to bring my children to my appointments and he exhibited the kindness and compassion you would see in a grandfather of your own child. He has the most wonderful and sincere personality. But most importantly his cosmetic work is flawless. He has changed my self confidence and altered my appearance exactly how I desired, if not better. I highly recommend Dr Kotler and you would be missing out if you chose another plastic surgeon. If I could only rate my experience more than 5 stars… it would be 10! Thank you Dr Kotler!

Review from David L. - Los Angeles, CA | October 15, 2015

I had my rhinoplasty done by Dr. Kotler 30 years ago. My mom also had one shortly after mine. Dr. Kotler was kind, patient and thoroughly informative throughout the entire process. As soon as I saw my nose for the first time, I was thrilled! All these years later, I’m still thrilled!
Thank you, Dr. Kotler, for giving me a nose that I have been able to enjoy throughout the decades!

Review from Victor G. - Sylmar, CA | September 25, 2015

One word to describe Dr. Kotler , AMAZING, About ten weeks ago I sat down and did my research on almost every plastic surgeon there is in Beverly Hills and around Los Angeles.

I have always hated my nose always wanted to correct it but very scared to go under the knife. With so much advertising everywhere and anywhere you become confused on who you SHOULD trust to work on your face in my case the nose. That night I went to bed around 3am dizzy from viewing videos on youtube. The next morning I continued reading and viewing more videos and made up my mind and went for whom I considered the best. Therefore I picked up the phone and made an appointment with Dr. Robert Kotler . My research,my homework was worthwhile. I got there  one hour late , I was coming form San Fernando Valley and didn’t foresee  the traffic madness on Santa Monica Boilevard. Dr. Kotler had been working all day and I was one of the last patient he had to see that day. I have to tell you Im proud of the time I took to do my research; Dr, Kotler is simply the best, made feel so comfortable, I don’t like needles but his friendliness, his professionalism and just the way he talks to you makes you feel at home and at ease. He started working on my nose with sterile salt water injections to see how my nose would look like once I get the permanent injections. Even though I was late for this appointment He took the time, to discuss any questions I had BUT one thing which really really love about Kotler is that HE TOOK HIS TIME. He never rushed THAT  says a lot about him. He Really cares about you as a patient. After I was satisfied with the demo(temporary)  result and after he had worked all day, he says to me, wait let me put in just a little bit more here and there. I walked out of the chair with my self-esteem so high, I just couldn’t wait for the permanent work. As of today Sep. 25, 2015 I Had my second session, and the results just get better and better and IT IS cheaper than the actual rhinoplasty. I recommend Dr. Kotler 100 % if you want the best results HE IS THE MAN TO GO TO!!! I can not go without thanking though his staff, Mary and Heather you guys are the best.

Review from Yeran P. - Los Angeles, CA | August 13, 2015

Before I heard of Dr. Kotler I had a rhinoplasty with an outcome that I wasn’t happy with. I felt that my nose was thinned out too much and I had dents on both sides. I was scared to go to plastic surgeons because I didn’t want to go through another surgery. I felt that my nose was going to stay that way and I was very unhappy. One day I went to get a haircut from a friend who is a hair dresser and I noticed she had a great nose. I asked her when she had her surgery and she told me 2 weeks ago. I was shocked that she looked and felt totally great 2 weeks after surgery! I got Dr. Kotler’s information and went online to do my research. I made an appointment right away to go see him. He fixed my nose using a non surgical procedure with no pain or downtime. Now it looks great and I love it!!! He also referred me to other specialists for another concern I had. Dr. Kotler is amazing!!! He has such a great energy about him, he is a perfectionist with his work so you get great results, and he is super caring. I wish I knew him before I had surgery elsewhere and I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone.

Review from K. V. - Pasadena, CA | July 29, 2015

Both my husband and I were fortunate to receive ideal surgical services from Dr. Kotler in the mid-80’s. Thirty years later, I reconnected with him for consultation.His website offers an immediate personal response. I was received by his entire staff efficiently and respectfully. Dr. Kotler devoted hours answering my questions thoroughly, providing a wealth of options for me to consider, all with his natural grace and dignity. I was overwhelmed by the positive experience it was. Dr. Kotler’s humility combined with his Mid western common sense has also earned him tremendous respect from his medical peers. When I told my dermatologist about my consultation with Dr. Kotler, he replied ” Well you went to the best in the field, so you can trust his advice”. I’m grateful he’s continued his practice.Dr. Kotler gives the Plastic Surgery Specialty World tremendous credibility.

Review from Candace J. - Los Angeles, CA | July 25, 2015

I would like to give an infinite # of stars.

11 months ago I had surgery to remove skin on my upper neck (think liposuction of the neck).
I was amazed and thrilled the moment the surgery was over. And 11 months later I am still thrilled. More than thrilled. I was fortunate to not have any pain or discomfort afterwards. The surgery went flawless, though I was unconscious, but I’m sure it went flawless!

I can not say enough great things about Dr. Kotler and his staff. Professional, caring, everything you would want when you take on something so serious as surgery.

Dr. Kotler is the sweetest doctor you will ever meet. And professional. Totally reassuring that you’re in safe hands. Gave me his home # if I needed him after the surgery. He made me feel totally at ease with the procedure and the after surgery.

Mary, his nurse assistant, is the greatest, also. She coordinated everything for me and we kept in touch constantly pre surgery. Again, professional and sweet.

My only complaint was gaining weight eating frozen yogurt every time I had an appointment. And the 1st two weeks after surgery I was their a lot. I don’t know, I convinced myself I deserved it.

But seriously, you are not in better hands than to have Dr. Kotler as your doctor. He knows what he’s doing.

Review from Anaida Z. - Los Angeles, CA | June 5, 2015

The best plastic surgeon you can find for rhinoplasty. After an unsuccessful job done at another doctor I was looking for a good surgeon to fix my nose. I am a very meticulous person and I can always spot a nose job on other people. It was particularly important for me to find a doctor who would not just do a typical “one fits all” nose but the one that fits my face, that looks absolutely natural so nobody can tell that there was any interference with my face.

I was talking to my cousin and I touched on this issue regarding my search for a good plastic surgeon for a nose job. She told me that she had her nose done which really surprised. Never ever ever I could tell that her nose was not natural. It was the best job I have ever seen. She told me that Dr. Kotler did it. And then I found out that my another acquaintance absolutely unrelated to my cousin had rhino with Dr. Kotler as well. And that girls nose was absolutely fantastically done as well.

So, I made up my mind to go with Dr. Kotler. I never regretted. It was wonderful experience from the very beginning till I got my pretty absolutely naturally looking nose. It didn’t happen right away. I had some issues with my skin producing too much of collagen which would not let the swell to go away. Dr. Kotler had to do some shrinking injections for the swell to go down. And eventually it did. Then I got some filer injections to even up the surface. Dr. Kotler literally sculpted my nose like Michelangelo sculpted his David. Now I have a masterpiece on my face. Yes, it requires patience. But you know what? I always trusted Dr. Kotler and eventually my patience paid off. Now I have absolutely naturally looking nose that looks perfect on my face. People can never believe me that I had my nose done. That’s the best complement for an amazing work.

The personnel is very nice and polite. Dr. Kotler himself is absolutely adorable. I definitely recommend Dr. Kotler as a great plastic surgeon.

Review from Michele - | May 27, 2015

Dear Dr Kotler,

I’ve just returned from a trip to Nebraska.. where I was received with rave reviews! I am still so totally thrilled with the lovely work you did on my face and I thank you everyday in my heart!

I hope things are going well for you and that you are having a great summer.

I had something I wanted to mention to you – a couple years prior to my surgery I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was told to use a c-pap machine (which I didn’t do, me bad!) also at the time they suggested I might try loosing some weight – I was about 128 lbs, much less than I am now. Anyway, Gary’s mentioned that since my surgery my sleep apnea and even snoring has been reduced considerably and I know fat/weight in the neck is a contributor to the condition. Is anyone looking into the health benefits of neck liposuction/reconstruction in aiding sleep apnea patients? I would think that might be an avenue to pursue and the patients might get assistance from their insurance companies when done for health purposes.

So on top of being beautiful, I even breathe better as well. This is so good on so many levels!

Take Care and please give my best to your staff and Dr Bolton.

Big Hugs!


Review from Robin M. - Valencia, CA | May 25, 2015

I went to Dr. Robert Kotler, the best plastic surgeon, to see about a neck lift/revision on the recommendation of three of my primary physicians, and 5 former patients. I made the right decision. First of all, ALL the office staff is friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. I was given all the information possible on my procedure so I could make an intelligent, informed decision. Dr. Kotler is simply amazing. He is kind, compassionate, truthful, a surgical genius, and did all he said he would. Mary who works with Dr. Kotler is also incredible. She is attentive, knowledgeable, efficient, and very sweet :). My surgery was on a Monday morning, and I loved the staff at the surgery center. After my surgery I was picked up by a staff member of the suggested aftercare, and I had a completely restful wonderful night. I have had such great results already, and Dr. Kotler makes sure to communicate, wanting to know how I was feeling and how my incision felt and looked. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Kotler to anyone who is considering some type of facial plastic surgery. The Best,
Amazing and Brilliant!!!

Review from Hayley B. - Simi Valley, CA | May 21, 2015

Dr. Kotler is the best you will find!!!
I went to him about a year ago for my nose. I had never had any cosmetic procedures before, since I was only 21 years old. I had a noticeable bump in the bridge of my nose that I absolutely hated. I was searching the web, and came across Kotler’s non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is where a permanent filler is injected into certain areas of the nose, in order to make it more symmetrical, reduce bumps, etc. Because rhinoplasty’s are a pretty serious procedure, I felt that for my issue (and budget), the non-surgical option was best for me. I went in for my consultation, and was able to do a saline demo. He used saline to fill certain areas of my nose, in order to give me an idea of what the end result would look like, and the saline would dissolve within a few hours. I was so pleased, that I went ahead with the procedure a few weeks later. Dr. Kotler informed me that it was a process, noticeable results took time, and I would have to come back every 6 weeks to get a little more filler each time. I was perfectly okay with this, because he made it very clear that less is more, and since you do not know how your body will react, putting a small amount in each time is the safest route. Even though it was a commute for me, it was totally worth it. Because my bump was so big, it took a few more visits than I originally anticipated. But, Kotler took care of me and did everything he could to make sure that I was 100% happy with the results. Now its been about a year process but I am SO happy that I found him, because I could not be more pleased with how my nose looks today. I am also so very grateful that he provided a solution where I did not have to go under the knife at such a young age. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and skilled. I have seen a lot of his work, and I would trust him with any cosmetic surgery procedure that he offers.
Search no more! Kotler is the BEST!

Review from N/A - | April 28, 2015

I have had my nose done two times and didn’t want to get a third. I was getting Juvederm injected into the areas I didn’t like but had to keep going back because it was only a temporary fix. Dr. Kotler’s non-surgical rhinoplasty with a permanent filler was a dream come true. He’s been using the filler for 37 years so I was confident he would give me the look I wanted. Three sessions later I am thrilled with the results. I am so happy I found him. I never have to worry about getting injections in my nose again. It looks natural and nobody would ever know I had it done! Thank you Dr. Kotler!

Review from Terry W. - Manhattan Beach, CA | April 27, 2015

Dr. Kotler changed my life! I severely broke my nose when I was 2 years old and attempted to have it surgically corrected as a young adult. The rhinoplasty (by another doctor) was so botched … completely crooked with deep, uneven indentations where the doctor removed too much cartilage … that I have suffered years of embarrassment. Based on that experience, I was afraid to attempt another surgery. Dr. Kotler is brilliant! I have seen him twice for non surgical injections and the transformation is simply incredible. I am so excited about my new look and renewed confidence. I recommend Dr. Kotler very highly! He is kind, thoughtful, and patiently explains everything. His staff is friendly and efficient.

Review from Jeremy B. - Los Angeles, CA | April 14, 2015

I feel so grateful and lucky that I found Dr. Robert Kotler, and I can’t say enough about how much he has done for me and how he has changed my life! Words cannot express the deep internal transformations that are happening to me ever since I saw Dr. Kotler for a non-surgical revision-rhinoplasty. If anyone has contemplated this procedure or is on the fence about going through with it, I hope you will read my story, and I hope it will give you the motivation to follow through; and please get it done by Dr. Robert Kotler! He has been a God-send in my life and this experience has been life-changing. He has been doing this particular procedure for 37 years and is THE expert in his field. If it wasn’t for Dr. Kotler I would still be worrying about how I was going to fix my nose and move on with my life. I found Dr. Kotler after being the victim of two botched rhinoplasties. As I read about his non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure and started looking at his “before and after” picture gallery I just knew I had to call his office and set-up a consultation. The woman I spoke to was helpful, friendly, caring, and explained to me that Dr. Kotler uses a medical grade filler called “Silikon 1000” that is 100% permanent! Not only that, but she told me that Dr. Kotler has been using it since 1977 without even one problem. I immediately set-up a date to get something called a “saline demo”; a temporary test-run where the doctor injects temporary saline to see what my nose would look like with the permanent Silikon 1000 injections. After patiently talking with me about the areas of my nose I didn’t like, Dr. Kotler slowly and methodically began injecting my nose with the saline, stopping to explain each and every thing he was doing, and letting me look in the mirror after each injection to see what he had done. When he was finished, my nose looked incredible! It looked EXACTLY how I wanted it. Dr. Kotler had filled the dips, depressions, divots, and imperfections of my nose with the skill only someone who’s been doing it for 37 years could accomplish. The symmetry was UNBELIEVABLE! I felt filled with genuine excitement and joy and I knew this man could correct the problem I had been living with for over a decade. I immediately scheduled my first permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. It can take a few visits to get your nose how you want. Dr. Kotler’s nurse will apply a numbing ointment to your nose before the procedure so the injections barely hurt, they feel like a little pinch. Very tolerable. The worst part is waiting in between visits because your nose looks sooooooo good after each visit!! After my first visit, the changes were significant. The major flaws were addressed and the large dips and depressions were filled in. After my second visit, my nose really started to look symmetrical and I felt a surge of newfound genuine confidence within myself. The kind of confidence where you KNOW you look good. After my third and final visit, I was astonished and overjoyed to finally be given the nose I had wanted all along. My experience with Dr. Kotler has been amazing. When I look in the mirror now and see how symmetrical my nose looks (nearing perfection, I’m serious 🙂 I am able to release all of the regret, anger, and sadness about the previous surgeries. What is so shocking is how affordable the procedures are, about 70%-80% less expensive than surgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Kotler is extremely caring, a good listener, and meticulous in his craft, probably the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot). Dr. Kotler has a big heart and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! He is patient and methodical no matter if he is explaining what and why he’s doing something, or when he’s actually performing the injections. His sense of aesthetics is uncanny, his measurements precise. He has been performing this non-surgical rhinoplasty for 37 years so I feel so safe and secure in his presence and I know I am getting the utmost care and attention. He explains every injection he makes and shows me with a mirror what he is going to do before he does it. His work is precise and exact. Dr. Kotler has restored my confidence in myself. It’s amazing but now when I look in the mirror, I feel pride in how I look and MY NOSE LOOKS AMAZING!!! Psychologically speaking, so much has been given back to me. I look people in the eye now and I know my nose looks natural, symmetrical and complete. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Kotler! I can’t say it enough! I am so grateful I found you and so appreciative for what you have given back to me.

Review from Steven B. - Los Angeles, CA |

I am writing to review Dr. Robert Kotler and his “non-surgical nose job”. I recently had several injections of “Silikon 1000” with Dr. Robert Kotler in Beverly Hills, CA, to correct a less than desirable nose job I received from another surgeon. The results have been no short of incredible. I will give a brief history. I underwent rhinoplasty with an unnamed surgeon several years ago. I was quite unhappy with the outcome which left me with a pinched, asymmetric, and “worked on” looking nose. Seemed the surgeon took a bit too much cartilage out of my nose during surgery. I was depressed and devastated. I found Dr. Kotler through his stellar reviews at realself.com and yelp.com. I was very apprehensive about going under the knife again due to the unpredictable nature of nasal surgery so I was very curious about this “non-surgical nose job” that Dr. Kotler offered. I went in for a consult. His office staff went out of their way to be kind, courteous, and professional; even offering me complimentary bottled water. Dr. Kotler explained that by injecting “Silikon 1000”, a medical-grade filler that is 100% cleared and approved by the FDA for use in surgeries, he could fill in the grooves, dips and other irregularities caused by my initial surgery with pinpoint accuracy. I could even be involved in this “nose job” since I would be totally awake, and could give critiques and suggestions during the procedure. I excitedly scheduled my first round of injections. Immediately following the first injection, I saw jaw-dropping results. The dip that was so noticeable to me, was GONE. Completely filled in! The pinched appearance had vanished. The “Silikon 1000” was now acting as replacement cartilage, filling in the pinched area with a strong, solid, permanent filler. What would’ve taken months to heal through surgery and cost an exorbitant amount of money, had just been corrected in mere seconds and at a tiny fraction of what an actual surgery would’ve cost. With no healing time, scarring, nothing! My nose went from looking “worked on” to looking perfectly natural, beautiful, and God-made. After a few more visits to the ‘Miracle Doctor’, as I starting calling him, my nose was perfect, no dips, no dents, no divots; just the nose that I was always meant to have. My life, outlook, confidence, and personality have completely changed following the injections. I feel very sure of myself. My old botched up nose has been fully restored! I feel so happy everyday about it. I approach people with an ease and a light-heartedness now. I am no longer depressed about what that other doctor did to me. I feel easy-breezy. I feel joyful and happy to be alive. I owe it all to Dr. Robert Kotler. When I look in the mirror, I can’t believe how perfectly he nailed it. It should be no wonder, he’s fixed thousands of noses. The man knows noses like the back of his hand. I strongly recommend the “Silikon 1000” injections with Dr. Robert Kotler. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Review from Julie N. - West Hollywood, CA | March 27, 2015

I’m at the one-year-and-one-week mark since having a revision rhinoplasty and turbinate reduction done by Dr. Kotler, which seemed an appropriate amount of time for any issues to surface from the surgery. I am happy to report…


The word “blessed” is one that I seldom employ these days, as it as been hashtagged out of recognition, but it suits this situation utterly. My breathing has improved so much since Dr. Kotler’s masterful hands worked their wonders.

The incessant sneezing and the hyper-sensitivity to smells have abated. I still encounter problems if I’m gluttonous about my fromage and wine intake but hey, that’s on me.

Also, my new profile has boosted my confidence a ton. He brought the columella up after straightening my septum and created symmetry and balance.

Over the last year, I’ve stopped by his office for permanent fillers to be injected along the bridge of my nose where things thinned out from things gone wrong with my first surgeon back in NYC. Dr. Kotler is very patient with me as we collaborate on how far to lift the bridge, refine the tip, etc. I believe our work together is almost complete and I feel fortunate for the acting jobs I’ve gotten since having the surgery. Working on camera, every little bit helps.

AND IT MUST BE MENTIONED that a male friend of mine underwent a deviated septum surgery two weeks after I had my own. It was strictly a functional procedure but his progress wasn’t as glowing as mine. He was pretty upset about it and his doctor’s schedule was full… couldn’t even get in to see his own doctor in a timely fashion. I reached out to my favorite staff in Beverly Hills and they got him an appointment within two days. What did Dr. Kotler do? At no cost, he took a look at my friend and the work to make sure that the surgery was done properly.

Dr. Kotler is a class act.

Review from Cathy C. - Manhattan Beach, CA | March 20, 2015

I have known Dr Kotler since the early 80’s. I worked next door to his office for 7 years.

In 1984, I had a Septoplasty done to correct a deviated septum and remove nasal polyps. I couldn’t breathe through my nose. I am happy to report over 30 years later I can still breathe through my nose.

I saw first hand his patients pre and post operatively on a daily basis. I was in awe. His patients just LOVE him. His results are phenomenal and no one looked DONE with that stretched frightening look. They looked years younger.
The ones who had their noses fixed had a whole new lease on life.

In 1996, I felt like I had skin cancer on the border of my upper lip. The only one I would trust to do a biopsy without disfiguring me was Dr Kotler.

Without question , Dr Kotler approaches everything he does with ethics above and beyond 5 Stars.
His work is impeccable. His bed side manner is one you will cherish for life. He is hilarious.

He loves what he does and it shows.
Do not hesitate to trust this man. There are very few like him.
I feel very fortunate to have known him and had experienced his work. THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Review from Caryn A. - Beverly Hills, CA | March 3, 2015

There are not enough good things i can say about Dr. Kotler!!! Simply, He IS THE BEST!!! I will never let anyone i know go to anyone else but him ONLY. He changed my life and i am SO HAPPY with my results.

After 10 consultations with Beverly Hills’ finest most highly recommended doctors i was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Kotler and my experience with him and his office staff was unlike any other. He was So thorough! he was the ONLY doctor who took the time to actually examine my cartilage, and explain to me my realistic results based on my actual anatomy. he showed me computer generated before and afters and our aesthetic was totally insync, he showed me diagrams of what he would do internally. the pricing was the same as all the others, but i walked out knowing i had found the right man for the job. i had a 2nd consultation where i brought my mother and again Dr. kotler took all the time we needed to answer every question with a genuine smile. i was ready to do it that day, on the spot, but Mary was able to find me a date quickly and talked me through the pre-op instructions. i love her!

and if this is the only thing you read: he has a nasal packing device that he invented that allows you the breathe the moment you wake up from surgery. no one else has this and i cannot tell you how much better and easier my nose job recovery was because of it. he also is a master of injections which can also be quick effective fixes for some cases.

Dr Kotler CARES! he truly cares! every other doctor i saw made me feel like a piece of meat, a number in line, they all “yes’ed” me without even looking and were like who is next. Dr kotler, Mary, Dolla feel like my family. in fact a month after my surgery Dr. Kotler did a face lift and chin implant for my aunt ( who has wanted to do it for 20 years but was too scared, and when she saw how painless and quick my recovery was, what meticulous attention to detail, precision, and artistry he took, she booked her surgery and she looks AMAZING!!!)

When picking a surgeon consider their previous work, their bedside manner, their techniques, and be sure you see eye to eye on how you both see the final result. i was a very very difficult case, i am a total perfectionist and i am so self critical! I shutter to imagine what would would have happened to my face had i gone anywhere else. you hear horror stories and they are real because surgeons only know 1 way to do things, they are butches, and everyone walks out with the same nose. Dr. kotler has seen it all, he is a master, he is an artist, he has the best eye, he is meticulous, he is kind, he really listens and he performs surgery taking into account healing.

i woke up being able to breathe.for the first time ever. I barely barely barely barely had a trace of bruising, i went to work 2 days later. my swelling was so minimal, but the results were life changing.

Review from Las H. - Los Angeles, CA | February 26, 2015

I started my research by putting best dr for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills on google. Dr. Robert kotler was the first name that popped up. As I read on his work I read many good reviews and saw his invention on airway system. I then called the office and I had the pleasure of speaking to dolla. She was probably the second reason Why I chose to make an apt for my consultation. She was so sweet , welcoming and carrying.

As I made my appt. the staff made me feel very comfortable. When I went in to meet the doctor I realized what an amazing dr he is. Extremely knowledgable , educated , carrying and passionate about his work.

They explained my procedure clearly and reassured me that I’m in good hands. Week before my procedure Mary explained everything prior and after procedure.
Day of procedure I went to summit surgery center and they welcomed me in and made me feel again very comfortable. As they prepped me and gave me the anesthetics I don’t even know when I passed out and when the procedure was done. I didn’t feel anything

During recovery they again took real good care of me and a week after procedure the dr took the cast off. My bruising went away within a week .
I am so happy with the way my nose turned out. It was exactly how I wanted.

Dr. Listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me my dream nose.
I definitely recommend dr kotler to those who want to do rhinoplasty and other facial procedure.

Review from Shannon V. - Los Angeles, CA | February 9, 2015

I had alar base reduction (nostril narrowing) surgery. Prior to the surgery I was quite concerned about getting the procedure,because I am a woman of color and I was very concerned about loosing my ethnic identity. However, Dr. Kotler assured me that the changes would me minor and natural looking. He was correct! Six months later my nose has healed nicely and I am very pleased with the results.

Overall, Dr. Kotler is warm, accurate, and a complete professional.

Review from Deez G. - Beverly Hills, CA | January 7, 2015

Dr. Kotler is the BEST there is! I had a previous nose job by another doc and the results were not what I was hoping for but I did not want to go through the whole surgery thing again so I sought out a few non-surgical nose procedure docs in the SoCal area; and after doing some research and a few consultations I knew Dr. K was the person I wanted to help make my nose better. His expertise coupled with his uncanny bedside manner as well as the results have confirmed my decision. Also, his prices are VERY REASONABLE and VERY FAIR. He is extremely patient, kind, caring, and giving…attributes that are not commonly found today in a doctor’s office. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Review from Karen L. - Redondo Beach, CA | January 6, 2015

Dr. Kotler and all his staff are attentive, friendly, timely and efficient. Dr. Kotler demostrated excellent skills and individualized client care and followup. We never felt rushed and Dr. Kotler was available even on Holidays for questions and concerns no matter how small. I would highly recommend Dr. Kotler and his staff!

Review from Liana K. - Glendale, CA | December 4, 2014

Where to begin? Dr. Kotler is beyond genius! I had a rhinoplasty surgery about 3 months ago, and I had the best recovery experience. Dr. Kotler is a doctor who actually cares about his patients, he guides you every step of the way, even giving you a call to see how you are after the surgery! He has the Kotler Nasal Airway tubes, which is a HUGE help for recovery, I had zero discomfort, zero pain. literally! I barely bruised around the nose and eyes, because of all the advice he gave me pre-operation. He is truly one of a kind, i recommend him to every single person out their who wants a rhinoplasty! You will all thank me later! Trust me! Plus, my nose looks great, i wanted it to look natural, and he did exactly as I asked! i love him!

Review from a b. - Camarillo, CA | November 21, 2014

I am nearly 65 and have never considered myself a particularly vain person. But for decades I tried to hide my turkey neck with scarves, strategic haircuts, makeup shadowing, etc. Of course to no avail. I always felt like an attractive woman with a “big wart on my face”. But “going under the knife” was not for me. Then my niece tricked me into meeting Dr. Kotler. Well, I am forever grateful to her. His staff is beyond compare in terms of sensitivity and professionalism. And Dr. Kotler – unbelievable. Professional. Kind. Interested. Really listened AND HEARD me. He made me feel like my case was of paramount importance rather than another “drill em; fill em and bill em”. What a technician AND an artist. The man has patents for goodness sake. With his method, my swelling and bruising were almost non- existent. And, the follow up has been the same experience. For anyone to put their neck or nose in anyone else’s hands is unthinkable. Only 5 stars? He’s a 10.

Review from D M. - Los Angeles, CA | November 19, 2014

In 1995, I had a neck lift and eye modifications. I was told that I looked 20 years younger right after. I can say, now almost 20 years later that the work that Dr. Kotler did for me was and is still great. He said that his work in 1995 would last 15 years; I ran into him just today and told him jokingly that the surgery lasted 20 years, not 15 and that I wanted a refund. We both laughed.
I do not look my age. I will be 73 in March.

Review from Joy C. - Upland, CA | October 13, 2014

I had my rhinoplasty with Dr. Kotler 10 years ago. I was in my early 20s and had self-esteem issues because I was unhappy with my nose. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Kotler. She also had her rhinoplasty done by Dr. Kotler and had an amazing outcome. The reason I chose Dr. Kotler was because he specialized in facial surgery and was an expert in rhinoplasty. It was truly one of the best decisions I ever made. I am extremely happy with the outcome!

I did not want to change my entire appearance but just feel more comfortable with my nose. The recovery after the surgery was not painful whatsoever. I just felt a little discomfort the first and second day. I went back to work after 10 days.

His staff was amazing from beginning to end and always made me feel very comfortable. They are extremely knowledgeable and answered any questions I had.

I am Middle Eastern and have many Middle Eastern friends who have gone to the back home (to the Middle East) to have the same surgery. I noticed a major difference between my rhinoplasty and their’s. My nose looks natural and not overdone. While there’s looked unnatural and evident that they had had rhinoplasty.

10 years later I am so happy that I had the surgery done by Dr. Kotler. It really did change my life. Dr. Kotler is truly a gifted surgeon. I am so happy that I chose a doctor that not only specializes in Facial surgeries but also has many years of experience.

I still visit Dr. Kotler’s office to have a minor non-invasive cosmetic procedures done. His staff is still friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Might sound strange but I actually look forward to going in.

Review from Suzanne B. - Chino Hills, CA | October 6, 2014

I first heard about Dr. Robert Kotler in 2003/2004. I had seen him on the Oprah Show. He was promoting his book “Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon”. It sounded like it would be pretty good reading. I ordered his book, read and studied it. It was probably another 3 years before I decided to make an appointment with him in 2006. He was the first cosmetic surgeon I had seen. He provided me with a lot of useful information regarding chemical rejuvenation peels, facelifts, eyelifts nose jobs, etc. He even gave me a computer image as to what the results would look like on me. He also told me that I should go and speak with other cosmetic surgeons before making up my mind to go with him. (Which I did, and Dr. Kotler by far surpassed them in knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and friendliness.) Dr. Kotlers staff Mary and Dolla to name a few are FABULOUS so kind and genuine! He suggested I have a chemical rejuvenation peel. I was still smoking and wanted to quit before going through the surgery. (Dr. Kotler told me to quit before I booked surgery) I finally quit in April of 2008; however, the stress of quitting made my facial wrinkles even more noticeable than before I first encountered Dr. Kotler. By this time, almost 10 years after seeing him for the first time, I was ready, so I thought. After all, Dr. Kotler was suggesting burning my face off. Did I mention that I am the BIGGEST CHICKEN to ever walk the face of the earth. I was now 52 years old and was tired of seeing this wrinkled and tired looking woman in the mirror. After making an appointment to see him again, and talking with him on the phone I decided to go for it! Dr. Kotler promised me that I would feel no pain. He was RIGHT, it was completely pain free! Thank you Dr. Kotler for making me feel fabulous about myself! Mary thank you for taking such good care of me post op! I only wish I would of done this back in 2006! I have never visited a more caring, friendly and professional Doctors office in my life! They genuinely made me feel like I was a friend not just a patient.

Review from Alex R. - Beverly Hills, CA | September 18, 2014

I went to visit the office of Dr. kotler after making my appointment with a young lady by the name of Dolla who was so amazing and helpful on the phone. Dr. Kotler and his staff where so amazing the service he provided was beyond my expectations. I am looking forward to getting my nose fixed with this amazing Dr. Who’s work is spectacular and comes highly recommended by many who love the work that he has done for them.

Review from Jeff S. - Hollywood, CA | September 14, 2014

Dr. Kotler and the team are top notch professionals! A friend recommended Dr. Kotler and I made a consultation appointment for a nose job. From the beginning, I was impressed by the staff’s professionalism and knowledge. In my case, Dr. Kotler was cautious and realistic when explaining the results I should expect. Of the three consultations I had with different surgeons, I knew Dr. Kotler provided the best assessment and best recommendations. The surgery was easy and I had complete confidence in the surgical center used by Dr. Kotler.
The only hiccup was when my husband fainted while picking me up. He does not do well in hospitals and down he went! Even then, the nurses took great care of him.

Recovery was a breeze and three months later I could not be more happy with the results. This is the nose I have always seen myself with. Thank you to Dr. Kotler and the team for a job well done!

Review from Diana R. - Santa Monica, CA | August 19, 2014

He is the only one that does non surgical injections in your nose to perfect it!
Wow I love him and all of the staff, they are very helpful , thank you dr Kotler!
Much, much love!

Review from Alla S. - Nürnberg, Germany | August 8, 2014

When I decided to do rhinoplasty I started reading a lot of forums about top doctors & about surgery itself.

Dr.Kotler was in every list of Top Plastic surgeons of USA. So I started reading all the reviews. First of all, there are almost no negative reviews about his work. But even if there are Dr. Kotler, comparing to all other doctors, responds to them with all the explanations why this or that happened. And it’s always because patient didn’t follow the recovery instructions. That made me understand that this person takes care of his reputation that is very important for me.

Then I watched numerous videos about him on Youtube & understood that he is very popular & active person:
– he is a surgeon with almost 40 years practice in this specific area
– he is a professor in the University
– he writes books
– he takes part in all kind of international medical conferences
And 2 most important things for me were that:
– he invented super airway tubes Kotler Nasal Airways that allows you to breath right after the surgery which makes all the recovery process so much easier
– he is against of “opened” rhinoplasty cause it takes ages for the patient to recover after it & it leaves scars.

All these facts made me think that he is a true perfectionist which means that he knows his job & he knows how to make me beautiful.
Finally I can say that I’m extremely happy that I chose Dr.Kotler cause:
– my nose & face look so beautiful now
– i recovered very quickly – on the 3d day I could already go for a walk, on the 6th day after removal of the cast – i had fun in Beverly hills restaurants enjoying life)) Almost no bruising & swelling!!

Being a foreigner I had a fear that I’d gonna be lonely & uncomfortable during recovery period. But Dr. Kotler & his team were like family for me. They were taking care of me in every single situation that I faced, they were giving advises where to go & what to do. Felt like home)))

And very important thing for me was that I didn’t feel any pain at all & at all the stages!!!))

So I was becoming beautiful in a beautiful place with a beautiful people)))


Review from Ladybug C. - Beverly Hills, CA | August 3, 2014

Dr. Kotler is amazing! I had a rhinoplasty done and I am so happy with it! It looks very natural and I dont think anyone would know I had surgery done! The procedure went very smoothly and I could not be more happy. I used to feel very uncomfortable with my profile and I am so much more confident now, thanks to him! His staff are all extremely nice and helpful as well. I would highly recommend him!

Review from N/A - | July 23, 2014

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Kotler and loved the results

Review from Pamela E. - Big Bear Lake, CA | July 7, 2014

I just completed the most amazing cosmetic surgery you can imagine. Imagine, no incisions were used to make me look two decades younger and with the softest, clearest skin you can imagine.

Back in February, I had what is called a chemical wrinkle remover from Robert Kotler, M.D. in Beverly Hills. While you’re under anesthesia, the doctor paints your face with a chemical that takes off the first layer of skin, along with the all the facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, smoker’s line, age spots and other stuff that makes you look old.

After that, you go to a recovery center where a tight, ear-to-ear and forehead-to-chin mask is put over your face for two days. The inside of the mask is coated with antibiotics so no germs can get to you. You have to eat with a baby spoon for a short while but the mask comes off on the third day and you can go home to recover although you don’t want to go out in public just yet. Some peeling skin (the old skin) happens so I let maybe 12 days go by and went out although my face was pink like a sunburn.

But’s it’s worth it! I’ve gotten into some guessing games about age and although I’m 68, I keep hearing 40ish, late 30s. The doctor tells me the skin that grew back was actually the skin of a 20-year-old.

When some friends first saw me, they were amazed and asked if a change like that hurt.

Before I went in for a first appointment, I looked at Dr. Kotler’s chemical wrinkle remover before and after pictures and was impressed with the people’s results. I saw one picture of an extremely wrinkled woman in her 80s and her after pictures look 30 years younger! I knew I was in the right spot during the first exam because I could see that Dr. Kotler was looking for certain things in my face, was very serious and had the confidence of somebody who had been there and done that may times over.

The staff and assistants were great, too. This is my first cosmetic surgery so I don’t have anything to compare my procedure with, but I don’t see how it could go much better.

Review from Rennie G. - Los Angeles, CA | June 20, 2014

Ever since I was 13 I wanted a chin. When I got married at 50, the wedding photos of my profile were so horrible that I felt I needed to fix my nose too. Dr. Kottler gave me a chin and fixed my nose at the same time. My wife was so impressed with the results that I had no pain and could return to work the next day, she got a chin too. A few years later Dr. Kotler reduced the bags under my eyes. While I was afraid of the pain each time, there was no pain.

Review from Cheryl R. - Beverly Hills, CA | May 20, 2014

I have over 30 years experience as an RN and have worked along side countless physicians around the US and outside the US.
I must say Dr. Kotler ranks amongst the top 5!

He’s always pleasant ,professional, reasonable and fair to his support staff.

I’ve observed his A+ bedside manner with his patients. He works with the nurses in teaching and comforting his patients. He’s available for patient and staff from pre-op through discharge. He checks on his patients later the same evening at home.
He’s open to safe and reasonable suggestions for new and improved ways of providing care to patients and maintaining standards at the surgical facility.

I’m most impressed that he operates on the principle of “prefection, quality of work” and not quanity. He approaches each case with a calm , unrushed manner. I’ve NEVER seen him rush thru a case. He ALWAYS has his trusted long time surgical tech Toya. To have someone devoted to him for so many years is an indication that she’s treated with respect and she views him as a great surgeon. For the patient this is added comfort that they are in the hands of a team that works together like an orchestra.

Review from Eric K. - Tujunga, CA | May 10, 2014

Anyone considering a rhinoplasty/septoplasty should most definitely choose the amazing Dr. Kotler. I had a problem with the side profile appearance of my nose and my breathing. I had a huge dorsal hump as well as a deviated septum which caused poor air flow in and out of my right nostril. At my consulation, Dr. Kotler listened to everything I had to say, what I liked and disliked about my nose then gave me his genius input. He thoroughly answered all of my questions. He and his staff genuinely care about their customers/patients and give 100% in every aspect to make sure the patients are confident and happy. I was a bit nervous about my procedure having never had surgery prior but I cannot stress how simple the entire process was. I woke up with virtually no pain at all and to my pleasant surprise, I could actually breathe thanks to his fabulous invention of the Kotler nasal airway tubes. I am now almost 4 weeks post-op and although I am still swollen and have some more healing to do before experiencing the final result, I am already so pleased with what Dr. Kotler did for me in terms of appearance as well as major improvements to my breathing situation. Dr. Kotler has what I’d call a magic touch. Looking at his resume is proof enough that he is one of the best cosmetic surgeons and I highly recommend him. You will NOT find a better person for the job. Thank you so much Dr. Kotler and staff, I could not be happier with my decision. I can’t wait to continue healing and to see how great my already great looking nose turns out!

Review from G Y. - Glendale, CA | May 5, 2014

Dr.Kotler is one amazing doctor has a heart of gold. One of the most nicest and sweetest doctor that i have met. I got my nose done by him and he did an amazing job, im in love with my new nose. Dr. Kotlers work is incrediable he did my nose so natural that no one knew i got my nose done. Dr.Kotlers staff memebers are also very generous and helpful. I myslef work in surgery, the day of my surgery when i went to summit surgery center they took good care of me made me feel extremely comfortable. Overall my experience with Dr.Kotler was amazing, would i ever go back again in the future for any other procedure? Yes… 😀

Review from N/A - | April 24, 2014

After having a few substandard rhinoplasty surgeries I was at a crossroad. Was I comfortable with the success rate in order to go through with yet another surgery? After speaking with several surgeons I decided to have permanent silicone filler injections with Dr. Kotler in Beverly Hills. If you are looking into Silikon 1000 I’€™m sure you will find the debate on using this filler. Therefore, I didn’€™t take my decision lightly and I asked as many questions as I needed to in order to feel comfortable. Dr. Kotler informed me that he has been preforming this type of injection since 1977 and that he must have done well over 1000. I asked Dr. Kotler if he ever had a patient who had this procedure done who wasn’€™t happy with the results or a patient who encountered any kind of reaction or problem from this procedure. He said he never had and it’€™s amazing but the truth. I think this is how I made my decision. This permanent silicone filler has an unbelievably high success rate. That compared to rhinoplasty in which I’€™ve haven’€™t read any statistics but I’€™ve already had 2 revisions. I first did what Dr. Kotler calls a ‘€œtest drive’€, a saline demo to see how my nose would look if I decided to get the injections. After the demo I booked my appointment to start the injections. Before the injections Dr. Kotler’€™s staff numbs the injection site in order to reduce any pain from the needle. The numbing cream works wonders. You can still feel slight pain from the needle but I could care less about a few seconds of pain. The benefit of having my nose fixed is FAR greater than any uncomfortable pinches from the needle. After it’€™s over there is no pain, no busing, no swelling, nothing!! You can go about your day as usual. I’€™ve had 4 sessions and the results are truly AMAZING! To say my nostrils were very uneven is an understatement. They were so uneven that it looked like I had a big chunk taken from one side of my nostril. My nose would run and mucus would literally get stuck in the open crevasse on the side of my nose where the nostril was un-naturally high. (This has stopped happening by the way) Before this procedure, I could understand how you could use the filler to correct a bump on the profile but I couldn’€™t comprehend how well this would work on my nostril; that was until I saw what this filler could do with my own eyes. I started seeing a difference after the 2nd treatment and it just kept getting better and better. My nostrils are now very even and as a result it makes the rest of my imperfect nose appear a bit more natural. I also had a slight bump on my profile and that is totally gone! My profile is now as straight as can be. In addition, Dr. Kotler filled in other areas as we both saw fit in order to correct some of the asymmetry on the tip of my nose. This is the nice thing about the silicone procedure. You are awake and you have several sessions all in small doses so you know exactly what’€™s happening and what to expect. You can’€™t make a mistake. If you are considering rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty I would highly recommend going to see Dr. Kotler to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure first. Dr. Kotler has years of experience behind him. He is patient, kind and will make you feel 100% comfortable during every injection treatment! Most importantly, the results are truly unbelievable. You will wish you only discovered this procedure sooner.

Review from Vivian S. - Encino, CA | November 2, 2013

Dr. Kotler is truly an amazing doctor and remarkable man. He changed my life. I had wanted rhinoplasty since I was a preteen. Dr. Kotler was able to fix my nose after I had a horrible nose job by Dr. Li. He lived up to his promise and assured me that I would look great and feel great.

Review from Erika J. - South Pasadena, CA | October 8, 2013

Being a good doctor has two components: technical capability and bedside manner. All you need to do is look at Dr. Kotler’s resume and the innovations he has designed to advance the field of nasal surgery to know that he’s a master in terms of his technical capability so I am going to focus on ‘bedside manner ‘ in this review.

I am an academic whose area of expertise is medical communication so I spend my life analyzing ways doctors interact with their patients so I have literally observed hundreds . . .maybe thousands of doctors and I can say, hands down, that Doctor Kotler is the best I’ve seen. As an example I will describe and experience I had after experiencing a mild but really bothersome allergic reaction I had to the lubricant I used on my skin after a medical grade peel.

I woke up the Friday after the peel feeling quite hot and itchy. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it because “hot and itchy” are par for the course after a peel but by mid afternoon it became more miserable and clear that these were a little more than a normal reaction. I called Dr. Kotler’s office at 2:20. June, one of the lovely people who work in the office, expressed some concern about my discomfort, immediately spoke with Dr. Kotler, and when she returned to the phone asked if I could come in so the doctor could see the problem – not on Monday, or sometime next week, they asked to see me “now.” When I expressed concerns about traffic and getting to the office before closing her response was, “Don’t worry, he’ll wait. We’ll see you in a little while.”

When I got to the office I barely had time to sit down in the waiting room before I was called in to see the doctor. He looked at my chest, listened carefully to my explanation about how the rash developed, asked questions, and never cut me off when I was talking (fully listening to patient’s explanations is considered key to obtaining diagnostic clues and also to making a patient feel valued). He diagnosed the problem as an allergic reaction, acknowledged how miserable the condition must be for me (empathetic), wrote out prescriptions (both to cure the rash, and others to make sure I was comfortable until the rash healed), and told me his job was to make sure I was as comfortable as humanly possible until I healed. He then made sure that I had both his home and cell phone number so if I had any questions or concerns over the weekend I would be able to reach him (even though he was going to be at a medical conference in Canada).

As it turns out there was a bit of a glitch at the pharmacy (6:30pm) and it looked as if they would not be able to fill my prescriptions. I whipped out my phone and dialed Dr. Kotler’s cell phone number. Much to my amazement, the call did not go to voicemail, rather he answered it within just a couple of rings, spoke to the pharmacist, and I walked out of the pharmacy prescriptions in hand. Even more surprising, later that evening (8-ish) Dr. Kotler called just to check in and make sure I was feeling better!

In the book Dr. Kotler wrote about selecting a cosmetic surgeon he sets very high standards patients should expect from their surgeons. Things like, “When you call the office the phone should never ring more than 4 times” and “the office staff should always be friendly and address all of your concerns.” This is not just some ideal he has written about, he puts his money where his mouth is. The people who work in the office are absolutely delightful, caring and highly professional. Each and ever person in that office, in one way or another, has gone well beyond the call of duty for me on at least one occasion: up to and including interfacing with another Dr.’s office to help straighten out an issue that I was unable to address on my own.

Ultimately, I just want to tell you that when you are a patient at Dr. Kotler’s office you will know, through every step of your procedure, that you are valued, respected and supported. You will also know that this team is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible in every way and will be there to fully address your concerns whether they are large, or small.

If I could give this doctor and his staff a 10 star rating I would!

Review from Steve D. - Eugene, OR | July 26, 2013

Dr. Kotler is Phenomenal! Before I had my procedure I had a huge bump on the bridge of my nose, and a deviated septum. From a scale of 1-10 my nose was a 11, it looked terrible…. I sneezed all the time, my nose was always runny, and not to mention I had a really hard time breathing. I decided to get surgery around June 28th. I did some quick research and I was lucky enough to stumble upon Dr. Kotler. The very next day I got a call from Dolla and after talking for 2 days she set me up with a procedure date. I had my surgery a week and a half later (July 11th) . Which was quick and painless! And the best part was being able to breathe out of my nose right after surgery. He put the Kotler nasal airway in during the surgery and took it out 5 days later. It worked wonders and I could not be happier! All I have to say is that there is no better doctor to go to for a natural looking nose, that WORKS properly than Dr. Kotler. He treats you like family and his office staff is wonderful (especially Dolla). I cannot thank Dolla enough for the job she did scheduling my procedure date on such short notice, and I also cannot thank Dr. Kotler enough for the job he did, he is truly a world class surgeon!

Review from Mischa M. - Santa Monica, CA | June 24, 2013

Dr. Kotler is the absolute best! Not only was he reassuring, easy going and made me feel absolutely comfortable, but he is a perfectionist that lives up to what he says! He guarantees results and delivers. I suffered from terrible allergies, sneezing sometimes over one hundred times in a twenty-four hour period during the spring and summer months with the pollens. It was horrendous and I was miserable! Dr. Kotler recommended I have a turbinate reduction surgery and it has been an absolute life changer for me! I rarely have to take my allergy medications anymore AND I can really breathe… I wasn’t even aware I was having trouble breathing until I realized how clear and deeply I am breathing now. He is a truly amazing doctor and anyone who suffers from allergy problems should see him and only him! I guarantee he will change your life for the better too!

Review from sherryn - | June 5, 2013

I just recently had Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Robert Kotler. There were many Doctors I interviewed before choosing, but the office of Dr Kotler was the most professional, having caring staff to answer all my questions no matter how many I had, I just knew i would be in the right hands! After the surgery, Dr Kotler called several times to check up on me and see how I was doing. I don’t think there are many Doctors out there that make themselves personally available for their patients as DR Kotler did! To top it off, the results were amazing!!! I can finally breathe, and my nose looks so natural that no one can tell I had a procedure!!! Thank You Dr Kotler, you truly are one of a kind!!!!

Review from raquelfranko - | April 23, 2013

I came across Dr. Kotler through a friend of mine whose friend went to him for rhinoplasty. I researched him online through many sources and when I came to LA to visit my family I went in for a consultation. Right away I knew he was the one to do my revision. I read so much about him and saw all of his online photos and read his bio which is full of credentials and knew I was in the best hands. Dr. Kotler’s demeanor wins you over instantly. He is extremely friendly and will take all the time that you need to explain anything to you and address all your concerns. He wants you to be comfortable. His computer imaging is amazing because it allows you to see where his vision is and then you work on it together to come to a common ground. He is honest. He tells you which images are realistic and which are not. He only shows you what he can do. Dr. Kotler really is a superspecialist and that is what you need when you do a revision rhinoplasty. I did septoplasty as well because my first doctor, who was one of the top doctors when I did my first surgery, did not take care of. I can now breathe so much better and not through my mouth alone. Dr. Kotler knows his work. He is amazing. My nose came out fantastic and it is only three weeks after. Through the whole process, his staff was so supportive and answered all of my questions and helped me out with anything I needed. I wish I knew about him years ago! He is the only doctor I would recommend for primary or revision surgery and also, it really didn’t hurt one bit!!!!

Review from Lisa F. - Wilmington, CA | December 6, 2012

I went to see Dr. Kotler for a septoplasty revision in October 2012. His attention to my concerns was excellent. He took his time during the consultation and helped me to understand how the surgery would improve my breathing problems. On the day of surgery Dr. Kotler answered my 6:30 am phone call at his home. I was very anxious before my operation and wanted to address last minute questions/concerns, before going under the anesthesia. This was a combo surgery and Dr. Kotler’s surgery was not scheduled until later that day. He was very patient with me and he assured me that my early morning phone call did not inconvenience him. I really appreciated this. After my surgery, he was present. He spoke to me about how the surgery went and took a lot of time to discuss any reasons I should call him. His bedside manner is excellent. He called me every night for three days following my surgery to check on me and to adjust my medications, as needed. He even called in a prescription to my pharmacy late in the evening, and seemed very happy to help me after hours. I am very happy with the results of my surgery. I can now breath easily and am so happy that I trusted Dr. Kotler with my health. The staff is equally fantastic. Everyone is very professional and curtious. The facility is very clean. Five stars to Dr. Kotler and his staff for a job well done. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kotler to a family member or a friend.

Review from Nicole M. - Fountain Valley, CA | August 20, 2012

I’ve been searching for the RIGHT plastic surgeon to do my rhinoplasty, a friend of mine is an anasthesiologist that works with multiple plastic surgeons on the beverly hills and Orange County areas, he said that Dr Kotler is one of the (if not THE) very best at rhinoplasty … my concern is cost, can anyone tell me how much he charged for a rhinoplasty? I don’t want to waste my time if it is extremely high. Thank You!

Review from Renee B. - Los Angeles, CA | August 16, 2012

Dr. Kotler definitely lives up to his reputation. I recently had a rhinoplasty and was more than happy with my results. My biggest fear was ending up with an obvious surgically contoured nose. The changes were subtle and my nose looks very natural. Most people don’t notice a difference, but it was enough for me to feel confident and happy with the result. The surgery was simple and discomfort was minimal. I had a wonderful experience overall! In addition, Dr. Kotler is very personable and humble.

Review from Sari P. - Los Angeles, CA | April 29, 2012

Doesn’t matter if I post a long or short review either way Yelp filters it so I may as well post my full review.
I had rhinoplasty by Dr. Kotler about 2 months ago and couldn’t be happier. For years I hated my nose. I felt like my nose was humongous and I felt extremely FUGLY. I have a small face which made my nose look even bigger. Whenever I saw a photo of myself that was a side view I felt like all you could see was my huge nose. Thanks to Dr. Kotler I no longer feel ugly. I have a nose that fits my small face. I can’t believe how good my nose looks now. I did a lot of research before choosing Dr. Kotler. I reviewed the surgeons’ websites and looked at before and after pictures, looking for huge noses that were now small. I had lots of questions and was nervous about the procedure and how much it would hurt. I have a very very low tolerance for pain so I needed a doctor that would take time to answer my questions. When I looked at Dr. Kotler’s website I saw some huge noses that were greatly reduced in size in the after photos. I also liked that you could email a photo of yourself for free and they will email you back a computer generated image of what you could look like after. No other surgeon offered that. I emailed a photo and then spoke on the phone with Dr. Kotler’s office. I asked about the price was givena range over the phone and suggested to come in for a consultation. I was told if I decided not to have the surgery I would not be charged the consultation fee and if I did decide to do it that the $200 would be applied towards the surgery. I was assured that Dr. Kotler wants everyone to feel comfortable. I went for the consultation with lots of questions most of them about pain. Dr. Kotler was very patient and answered all my questions. I knew I had found the right surgeon. His staff was so nice too. I can’t tell you how many times I emailed with questions in the weeks before my surgery and even after and they too never once made me feel like my questions were bothersome. One thing that really impressed me was when I had a question about the surgery which I emailed to Tricia, she forwarded the email to Dr. Kotler. who was away on vacation but he called on Sunday from his cell phone while on vacation to answer my questions. That really showed me that he really does care about his patients. The procedure did not hurt as much as I was afraid it would. I never had surgery before. I was nervous that I would wake up during surgery. I was very concerned about needles and how much they would hurt. The anesthesiologist assured me it would be just a little pin prick, he was right. The night of my surgery Dr. Kotler called me to see how I was doing. There was some discomfort that started about 2 days after the surgery when the plastic nose covering started to feel heavy and itchy but not the extreme pain I was afraid of. Once the covering came off after 5 days my nose felt much better. The day after surgery the breathing tubes and packing were removed. That too was only about 5 seconds of pain for each the tubes and the packing to come out. Thanks to the breathing tubes Dr. Kotler invented I could breathe through my nose even with the packing. Having rhinoplasty and choosing Dr. Kotler was the best decision I’ve ever made. I only wish I had been able to do it sooner. For the first time since the 4th grade I don’t feel ugly. That’s the age fellow classmates started making fun of me and telling me I was ugly, which even though I moved and went to different schools with a set of different students continued right up to my senior year in high school and even at my 5th year reunion. For years I looked I in the mirror and accepted as fact that they were right. I was ugly. I no longer feel that way. I am also getting a lot of compliments now. I’m not sure whether or not people have noticed that I had a nose job and think it’s’ not PC to mention it or they just notice something is different. People tell me things like “Wow you look really good” Your make up looks really good today” I haven’t changed how I apply my make up. Or “your eyes look so bright” “you look really bright today.” I have a friend who is a Mary Kay consultant. This past summer she did a makeover on me and posted the before and after picture on facebook. It got one like from one of her friends. A couple of weeks ago, about a month after my surgery I had another makeover. Again she posted a photo, only this time the photo got several likes from my friends. It was the first photo on facebook with my new nose and I’ve never had any photo of myself get so many likes before. I don’t think it was the makeup they were liking. I didn’t like the makeup as , I felt it made me look older, but with my smaller nose my face just looked better. Most important to me is how I feel about myself, which for the first time in several years is not ugly. Thanks to Dr. Kotler’s excellent work I now like my face and love my now small nose.

Review from Carrie U. - Los Angeles, CA | July 23, 2011

How does Dr. Kotler only have 2 other reviews on here? He’s incredible! My husband recently went to Dr. Kotler to repair his nose because he couldn’t breathe out of one side. Dr. Kotler was amazing. My husband can breathe better than he ever could and he can taste better too!

I should tell you, my husband hates going to any sort of Dr. and he was completely fine living the rest of his life not being able to breathe out of half his nose. He went to Dr. Kotler for a simple consult and came back with an appointment to get the procedure done. The entire procedure took no more than an hour, and my husband was able to come home and relax that afternoon.

Overall, he had a couple of days to recover and within a week he was breathing better. Now, several weeks later, he’s amazed at how much he can smell and taste. I should also note, Dr. Kotler used his new breathing tubes so the recovery was more comfortable- I can tell you, they were great. While my husband wasn’t exactly happy about his nose being sore- he was able to breathe and it was really easy to take care of.

Dr. Kotler deserves a zillion stars for fixing my hubbies nose! Finally, he can smell and taste like a normal person! And, bonus for me, the snoring got a lot better!

Whether you are going for a medical procedure or cosmetic, I wouldn’t go anywhere other than Dr. Kotler. He has been in the business for years, he knows what he’s doing and has an incredible bedside manner. You seriously won’t be sorry going to him.

Dr. Kotler, if you’re reading this, a bazillion thanks for fixing my husband’s nose. He’s like a new man!

Review from deniz s. - Los Angeles, CA | July 13, 2011

I have been wanting to have nose job since my early teen years. I have always felt insecure about my nose. Pictures were always screaming big nose to me. People around me naturally kept saying there was nothing wrong with my nose that I was beautiful but if you are reading this you are probably one of those people who is considering this procedure.

I have couple of friends who had their rhinoplasty done and I had already names of respectful surgeons to consult but I wanted to do my own homework. This was my face in consideration and didn’t want to take leave any doubt that I am with the right surgeon. When I googled rhinoplasty- looked at various sites then saw Dr Kotler’s web site, I read about him – it said he only did facial procedures,The fact that he has performed over 4000 rhinoplasty sounded amazing.
Finally I made my appointment and went to his office, before I saw him I already knew so much about him from his interviews and writings so by the time we were face to face I already made my choice and I am so glad I did. I chose Dr Kotler.

The consultation was easy relaxed and comfortable. Dr.Kotler has the most advanced photo lab where they can show you an actual photo of you before and after procedure so we were able to discuss and see and make changes on the computer before printing the photo of what I would look like. After the consultation I received a package explaining everything we had gone over.

The surgery- the surgery day was very fast. I was under for about an hour and felt relaxed calm and safe at all times. All the medical staff were courteous and friendly. My boyfriend took me home. He was surprised when he picked me up how normal and unbruised I looked. The first 24 hours were uncomfortable slightly but I was in no pain or discomfort. I Had enough pain medication and after care products to deal with it all. Now the main reason I was ok was the fact dr Kotler has a nasal tube he designed himself that is inserted in the nostrils and allows you to breath normally. None of that brutal packing and looking like you were hit by a stray ball at dodger stadium. I was able to breath. Over the next 2 days I was waiting for the bruises and black eyes to appear but they never did….just some swelling. The tubes were removed and then a day or so later the bridge cover and and by day 4 I looked close to normal and able to return to public! Thank you Dr. Kotler!!

Review from Jennifer F. - Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA | June 29, 2011

Thank you Doctor Kotler for providing me with a new life. You have erased all my feelings of self-consciousness, replacing them with self-confidence. Never before have I felt so comfortable in my skin. Now, looking back 25 years old and 6 weeks later after my surgery, I wonder why I had waited so long.

From my teenage years until now, I have struggled with feelings of anxiety regarding my nose. I realize it never was terrible, but I was very self-aware. Whenever I thought about rhinoplasty and discussed it with my friends, everyone would just say, “Oh, its just in your head, I think its fine.” Nobody would understand. Nobody would understand the self-awareness I felt over simple things, such as putting my hair up in a ponytail, wearing a hat, or even crossing the street. Anything that I felt would draw attention to my nose and especially my side profile, I would fixate about and be extremely self-aware. I finally stopped listening to my friends and took control.

After meeting with Doctor Kotler, I instantly knew that he would be performing my surgery. Of all my consultations, Doctor Kotler was there to make sure I felt comfortable with the entire process. He cared about my well being, answered all my questions, and was there 100% of the way, from the moment I stepped into his office for the consultation, until today, 6 weeks later after my surgery. After my surgery, he called me everyday for 5 five days to check up my recovery. Surgery is scary, but Doctor Kotler was there every step of the way to make me feel more at ease.

I can’t thank you enough Doctor Kotler for my new nose and my new life!

Jane Smith

Review from dana S. - San Diego, CA | June 28, 2011

I found Dr. Kotler after many many months of feeling so disappointed and angry about my decision to get rhinoplasty. I wasn’t at all happy with my results after visiting another surgeon in Orange County. I felt defeated and didn’t know where to turn. I thought I was just going to have to accept that I had a bad nose job for the rest of my life. I stumbled upon Dr. Kotler’s website one day and was excited yet skeptical at the option of having permanent silicon injections. when I called to set up a consultation, I was pleasantly surprised to speak to an assistant of Dr. Kotlers who was extremely educated on my procedure. I drove up from Orange County for the appointment and was nervous the whole way. However, the moment I met Dr. Kotler I knew I had finally come to the right place and all my hesitations were replaced with excitement and an enormous amount of gratitude. Dr. Kotler is not only an amazing surgeon, he’s also a really great guy who sincerely care’s for his patients. He was honest about the results and the time it would take to get there. The whole process took about 6 months, but even after my first injection I could see a huge difference. I came to Dr. Kotler with a bump on one side of my nose that hadn’t been shaved down enough after my initial rhinoplasty and a dent on the other side. Dr. Kotler was able to even out the ridge so it doesn’t stand out quite as much and he filled in the dent making it even across my entire bridge. The procedure’s were quick, painless, permanent and I went back to work after each injection without any marks or bruising. I can’t even describe how thankful I am that mine and Dr. Kotler’s paths crossed. It’s a great feeling to look in the mirror at night and not obsess over the imperfections of a rhinoplasty gone wrong. My only regret is not finding Dr. Kotler sooner. I recommend him to everyone I know…and even those I don’t. I will NEVER let another doctor come near my face unless it’s Dr. Kotler and I would highly recommend everyone else do the same.


Review from Julie M. - Pasadena, CA | June 16, 2011

Dr. Kotler did an extended neck lift and upper eye-lid lift on me 3 years ago. I was 48 at the time. The results have been nothing other than amazing. The doctor was extremely patient as I went through my decision-making process to undergo plastic for the first time. Dr. Kotler is a very kind and special man and his staff reflects his energy. He is a true talent and the kind of doctor that is rare these days, especially in Beverly Hills. He’s very old school. He instilled confidence and I was not overly anxious prior to surgery and I am a worrier. I knew I was in good hands, was prepared emotionally and I was excited to see if Kotler’s photo imaging would actually be the end result. I have to say, the two procedures have made a HUGE difference for me. Even better then the imaging! I love my eyes and can wear eye shadow again. My profile is lovely and I look and feel fantastic! Dr. Kotler is the best.