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Nose Surgery & Obama Care

Nose Surgery & Obama Care

"President Obama graces the cover of Time Magazine"As “Obama Care” and new rules about health insurance start rolling out, many unforeseen wrinkles can gum up American health care delivery along with some cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

Our question: Will more people need revision rhinoplasty? As you probably already know, revision rhinoplasty is required when a first nose job fails or is done badly and attracts even more attention to a patient’s already unattractive nose.

It’s no secret the nose is the most difficult structure  on the the human body to surgically rejuvenate. Already, at least one professional organization of plastic surgeons estimates the failure rate of first nose jobs at 20 to 25 percent. The procedure to repair a failed rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty revision, is more difficult yet and best mastered by dedicated nose surgeons with decades of training and experience.

Here’s what we see in our own crystal ball: 25 to 30 million or more new patients become enrolled in the new healthcare system. Physicians are then not only overwhelmed by the numbers of new patients but burdened by impending pay cuts.

Moreover, dealing with Byzantine new federal insurance regulations will become like working in a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Results? Many doctors will retire early, move to another country or change their specialty. Even plastic surgeons will be tempted to flee from accident, cancer and burn practices, due to insurance company red tape.

Some surgical specialists will likely cast a jaundiced eye on the cosmetic surgery field where insurance firms do not have the upper hand.

But of the surgeons who crowd into field, many are without:

  • Highly specialized rhinoplasty training
  • A nose surgery fellowship
  • At least a decade of rhinoplasty experience

Results? Many more than 20 to 25 percent of nose job patients will likely have procedures that leave them unhappy and still seeking an attractive nose.

After that, a large pool of dissatisfied patients — once burned — will become twice cautious and seek out Master Nose surgeons who have already done many years’ of revision rhinoplasties.

Factoid: even if you have had one – or two or three — failed nose jobs, your nose can still be corrected with permanent, non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

 Learn how injection rhinoplasty (another name for the procedure) creates a more attractive nose.