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In many cosmetic plastic surgery offices, patients use computer imaging, a system that takes your current picture and then changes it into a photo of your likely surgical outcome…and is also one the surgeon can deliver.

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But in non-surgical rhinoplasty, no computer is needed to show the final results. You see your own nose in a mirror, showing the actual final result.

Here’s how: We first numb your nose with a spread-on topical anesthetic. Then, we use a syringe of sterilized salt water with the slimmest needle known to inject saline into the places the nose needs changes. The patient watches in a mirror.

A woman shows a saline demo before permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty

Saline Test for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Before & After (right.)

We refer to the test as “The Kotler Saline Demo.

Saline only lasts two hours, but that’s long enough to take a picture so your family can also see what your corrected nose would look like. Take it home and talk it over if you want.

If you decide on the permanent procedure, we schedule an office appointment for, say, half an hour.

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Some patients are incredulous that our non-surgical rhinoplasty is permanent. They also wonder why most other cosmetic surgeons only offer facial fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Here’s why: Permanent, non-surgical rhinoplasty – using a silicone filler — was developed some fifty years ago at New York University.

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Back in 1977, after finishing military service, we signed onto a year’s Fellowship with a progressive New York City cosmetic nasal surgeon who learned the technique from the doctors who developed it. More NYC surgeons offer it today.

          (Watch a video of a woman having non-surgical rhinoplasty.)

Back then, we saw immediately how useful (and cost-effective at 80 percent less than surgery) non-surgical rhinoplasty is for people with bad nose jobs.

The procedure also works great for people who want a first nose job as long as corrections are only on the nose’s outside. Plus, non-surgical rhinoplasty can’t make a large nose smaller.

Ever since, we’ve taken great joy in offering a practical, timesaving – and economical – solution to patients who have had two, three and even four botched nose jobs!

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