Surgical Repair: Torn Earlobe

Time was, only women asked their cosmetic plastic surgeons what could be done about torn earlobes, resulting from wearing ear rings that were too heavy or danged too far down. In some cases, [...]

Sepideh’s Rhinoplasty Journey

This young lady had rhinoplasty to refine her nose. It was crooked and drooped downwards, particularly with smiling. To straighten the nose and improve breathing, septoplasty and turbinate [...]

Lianna’s Rhinoplasty Journey

Lianna talks about her procedure and her experience with Dr. Kotler. Here is Lianna’s computer generated before and after picture. This is Lianna just three days after her surgery.

Alla’s Rhinoplasty Journey

  Alla one day after rhinoplasty surgery. Here is Alla’s computer generated before and after picture. Alla talks about her rhinoplasty just 5 days after her surgery. 3 weeks after her [...]

Natalie’s Rhinoplasty Journey

In this video, Natalie shares her rhinoplasty experience both before and after surgery. The photos above & below demonstrate the computer imaging process. The left photo shows the before [...]

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