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It is very important that you consult with Beverly Hills rhinoplasty expert Dr. Kotler before undergoing nose surgery. Since every nose is different, the two of you must discuss exactly what you want out of your procedure before undergoing your surgery. Your consultation is the perfect time to bring up any questions, fears and concerns you may have.

Countless people are getting rhinoplasty in the Beverly Hills area each year. Being one of the top cosmetic procedures today, this is not surprising! As an expert in facial and neck surgery, board certified rhinoplasty specialist Robert Kotler, M.D. has performed over 4,000 “nose surgery” procedures at his Los Angeles-based center. With special attention to revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Kotler can help you achieve the great look you’ve always wanted!

What can rhinoplasty do for me?

By having this procedure, you can:

  • Reduce or increase the size of your nose
  • Change the shape of the tip or bridge
  • Narrow the span of the nostrils
  • Change the angle between your nose and upper lips
  • Correct a birth defect or an injury
  • Help relieve some breathing problems

We offer rhinoplasty computer imaging for potential patients!

For a small fee, you can email in digital photos of yourself (both profile and facing front) and Dr. Kotler can digitally enhance your photo to resemble what you may look like after your procedure.  When you schedule your consultation with him, the cost of your digital imaging will be deducted from your consultation fee.

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