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The purpose of Retin-A is to delicately remove the outer layer of skin, composed of dead skin cells. Retin-A strips away this outer layer of skin, yielding skin that is fresher-looking, more lustrous and smoother to the touch.
Retin-A also helps erase very superficial blemishes and light age spots.

Finally, Retin-A, with faithful and prolonged use, helps to thicken the skin thus lessening the development of fine lines. Overall, it is a terrific prescriptive and has long-proven its value.


At bedtime, after washing your facial skin, apply a pea-sized amount to the entire face. Not more. Gently rub it into the skin evenly. 15 minutes later, after it has had a chance to absorb, apply your favorite moisturizer to the facial skin. Do this nitely.

Be sure to use a sunscreen, of course.

I generally prescribe the strongest formulation, the 0.1% cream because it is most effective and is tolerated by most patients. However, the nitely use of the product, at that concentration, may be excessive for some, particularly those with very thin and sensitive skin. The signs of abnormal sensitivity are: itching, redness, burning, increased sensitivity.

If you develop any or all of these, the first step is to cut back to application every other nite. Or, try using less of the cream. Also, make sure you are using adequate moisturizer and that you are applying no more than a pea-sized amount to the entire face.

Should you continue to have difficulties, stop usage and contact me. You may do better with a lower strength version and such are available.

Contact us if have any questions.

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