"A picture shows the work station of a cosmetic surger;y anestheiologist"

23 Nov Cosmetic Surgery: Anesthesia Angst?

Many people still quake a little about going under anesthesia when considering cosmetic surgery. Most have heard of friends or relatives’ reports of cosmetic surgery after-effects like being sick or having a roaring headache and other brain fuzz. Well, that’s all in the past. For…

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"A cosmetic plastic surgeon is shown helping another surgeon"

18 Nov Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Oaths

All physicians have taken an oath to do what’s best for the patient as well as follow an ancient creed, the Hippocratic oath known for supposedly starting, “First, do no harm.”          (Read the Hippocratic oath to which cosmetic surgeons also subscribe). As a member…

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"One of several cosmetic surgeons checks on a patient"

12 Nov Cosmetic Surgeons: Speaking Softly

If you’ve ever had cosmetic – or any other – surgery, you may have noticed that the anesthesiologist visits patients the night before or just before being prepped for the procedure. Often, that physician needs to know some particulars about your health, but he usually…

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"A woman holds her face due to sinus pain"

10 Nov Plastic Surgery Costs & Septoplasty

Judging by the many reader questions at, the website devoted to the best possible practice of cosmetic plastic surgery, more people are taking care of their health and making sure their noses are functional and actually passing air on to the lungs. is…

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"A cosmetic surgery patients asks if he must stop his medications"

05 Nov Cosmetic Surgery & Antidepressants

    While more and more people are on antidepressants, mood elevators and other types of chill pills, cosmetic surgeons worldwide are studying various effects of antidepressants on cosmetic surgery patients. Researchers already know that antidepressant use among adults and teens is already about one…

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"A person undergoing fatr augmentation to the face shows the excess weight"

04 Nov Fat Augmentation in Cosmetic Surgery Study

It sounds too good to be true: take fat from where you don’t want it and put it where you do want it. After all, there is no chance of rejection because donated fat is your own tissue. Fat is: Readily available Biocompatible Inexpensive Harvested…

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09 Oct Botox: Who May Need it Most?

A New New York dermatologist, Derbra Jaliman, M.D. studied all the factors that lead to early, serious skin wrinkling and listed the states that are least and most likely to cause you to first ask about wrinkle removers Botox, Dysport and Xeomin and then perhaps…

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