"A lovely woman asks her sweetheart for rhinoplsty"

31 Jan Rhinoplasty for Valentine’s Day?

February 14th is a time for surprising one’s sweetheart with a gift of chocolates, jewelry or some other special gift. Many also have considered a gift of cosmetic plastic surgery, including: Rhinoplasty Non-surgical rhinoplasty Face and Neck Lift Well, here’s your chance to find out…

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" a lovely woman presses one nostril closed to check for a deviated septum"

19 Jan Deviated Septum? Home Test

Do your sinuses constantly bother you? Hard to get a good night’s rest due to your own — or a bed mate’s — snoring? Those are some classic symptoms of a deviated septum, the tissue-thin, cartilage-and-bone “wall” separating your two nostrils. Well, how about a…

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"Two Senior Citizens react to having cosmetic surgery"

14 Jan Cosmetic Surgery: O.K. for Seniors!

Demographers – experts who track human populations – have always said the “Baby Boomers” (people born 1946 to 1964) move through the U.S. population like a gopher moving through a snake. In other words, the boomers are a huge bulge moving through the American populous….

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"A woman sees her doctor about cosmetic surgery"

11 Jan Cosmetic Surgery Offices: Top 13 Questions

Insurance insiders make sure patients are satisfied by their covered doctors. How? Insurance firms want patients to consider 13 things during and after physician appointments – cosmetic plastic surgeons included – to rate how well time with the doctor went. Actually, the questions are important…

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"A doctor asks what plastic surgeons do"

07 Jan Plastic Surgeons: What do They Do?

Ask the typical man or woman on the street what board-certified plastic surgeons do, and they would likely respond: “Oh, the usual, nose jobs and face lifts.” Well, that’s correct, but there is much, much more. So declared Sammy Sinno, M.D. in a study in…

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"Baby has his ears fixed in a new non-surgical procedure"

05 Jan Non-surgical Ear Fix for Kids

Another non-surgical cosmetic procedure has been created, one that can save elementary school children from cruel teasing and bullying later in life. Otoplasty is a common, surgical ear correction procedure for children with overly prominent, standout ears. Many educators, pediatricians, psychologists and other childhood health…

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"Carrie Fisher is shown in the days long before plastic surgery"

30 Dec Plastic Surgery in Star Wars

Those who remember the first Star Wars (1977) were not too taken aback when Carrie Fisher first appeared during the most recent version of the intergalactic adventure. Then again, others said they were looking at a new face. Sure, she looked nothing like the scantily…

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"A woman sings after rhinoplasty"

16 Dec Rhinoplasty: The Eternal Question

Committed and inquiring nose job patients have asked the question ever since rhinoplasty became a popular and widespread procedure. Rumor says it’s the reason why Barbra Streisand never had a nose job: she thought it would change her voice. Other singers have also asked the…

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10 Dec Deviated Septum Surgery: Top Recovery Tips

The septum diving your two nostrils can be a bugbear. The paper-thin wall can be knocked out of place – and into a breathing channel — for any number of reasons. Some are born with one. Others have it due to a crooked nose. Additionally,…

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