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12 Jul Cost of Cosmetic Surgery: Affording It

Every time you look in a mirror, you’re reminded of cosmetic plastic surgery you want like: Nose job Face & neck lift Botox Eyelid lift But how to handle the cost of cosmetic surgery? Perhaps the standard credit card you carry. But a better bet…

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05 Jul Non-surgical Nose Jobs & Silikon 1000

As non-surgical cosmetic procedures become more common, more potential patients are asking about a medical grade silicone, Silikon-1000 which is often used as a permanent filler for acne scar removal, lip augmentation and, especially, in non-surgical nose jobs. Because the substance is permanent, many potential…

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28 Jun Septorhinoplasty Revision Risks

Septorhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose job done in the same surgical session as surgery on the septum, a procedure known as septoplasty. The septum may be crooked due to injury or birth and usually blocks a breathing channel, causing additional medical woes that many people confuse…

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23 Jun After Rhinoplasty: Ice is Nice

Swelling is a normal, necessary part of rhinoplasty and the healing process. Post-op swelling is also involved in:    Rhinoplasty revision    Septorplasty, corrective surgery for a deviated septum    Tip plasty, corrective surgery on a nasal tip    Septorhinoplasty, a single surgical session for…

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"A woman is shown the Operating Room getting a laser face & neck lift"

13 Jun Non-Surgical Neck Lifts

One of the leading tends in cosmetic plastic surgery:  more consumers looking for ways to rejuvenate an aging face through non-surgical means. Frequent readers of plastic surgery often see new methods of improving one’s appearance without surgery. That’s especially true of neck surgery.           (Read…

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06 Jun Ready for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

Have you ever wondered if you are only daydreaming about cosmetic surgery? Or are you actually getting close to choosing a cosmetic plastic surgeon and a date for the procedure? Experts say there are clear signs that you may be close to actually having a…

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02 Jun Ethnic Rhinoplasty & Rib Donations

Different ethnicities often request particular changes to their noses during ethnic rhinoplasty. Virtually all ethnicities say they do not want the typical long, straight nose found on people of Anglo-Saxon or Northern European descent. Ethnic cosmetic surgery patients do want some nasal improvements, but still…

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30 May Facelifts: Short or Full Scar?

New York City’s “twin doctor,” Darrick Antell, MD, DMD, usually attends the annual Twin Festival, held in – where else? – Twinsville, Ohio. Dr. Antell has conducted countless studies on twins, including one in which he studied twins in which only one smoked; the study…

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