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"A young boy is shown crying because he wants a nose job"

12 Apr Childhood Trauma? Another Nose Job!

Your childhood can stay with you for a long time, well into adulthood, and can even influence grownup behavior. As it turns out, the poem, “The Child is Father to the Man” may have more validity than anybody thought. A university study revealed that children…

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"A close up shows a nose bleed after plastic surgery"

06 Apr Plastic Surgery Bleeding Risks

Bleeding is a huge concern in cosmetic plastic surgery, especially in face and neck lift cases where the incisions can be longer than others. So it’s not for nothing that in plastic surgery, surgeons will ask you to quit tobacco because nicotine reduces blood flow…

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"A British soldier in Afghanisthan shakes hands with a plastic surgeon"

30 Mar Plastic Surgeons in Afghan War

After World War I, plastic surgeons were involved in treating wounds, mostly to the face. Their efforts were crude by modern standards, but far better than what had existed before. In a sense, the road to what we have today in cosmetic plastic surgery started…

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"A lovely woman shows off her new Dorsum after a nose job"

29 Mar “Text Neck:” Dorsum Photo Angle

You’ve probably heard of “Tech Neck,” a problem brought on by staring down at a smart phone while texting too much.           (Read more about “Tech Neck” woes.) Well, the latest version is “Text Neck” and is used by some nose surgeons to get a…

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"A senior woman gets a facial filler in the forehead"

23 Mar Facial Fillers: Better with Botox

There is just no denying that Botox and facial fillers are hugely popular. The most current statistics compiled by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that 6.8 million Botox injections were given in 2015 while soft tissue filler injections like: Juvederm Restylane Radiesse…

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"A beautiful girl is framed in the hands of a plastic surgery doctor"

16 Mar Plastic Surgery: Younger is In

While statistics were being compiled for the year 2015, an interesting fact was discovered and is being proclaimed as a new trend: Cosmetic plastic surgery patients are getting younger. Experts say a combination of factors are involved, including: Increasing numbers of reality television shows about…

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"A woman lies on the operating table after functional nose surgery"

12 Mar Functional Nose Surgery & Revisions

We’ve often urged caution when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon because a fair number – up to 25 percent – of first nose jobs are botched and should be done over again, a procedure known as revision rhinoplasty.              (Read more about the need for redoing…

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"A woman gets oxygen at the end of an operation"

10 Mar “Bookending” Propofol in Surgery

You’ve heard of Propofol before, probably in connection with the singer Michael Jackson who thought of the anesthetic as his “milk.” Actually, Propofol is a great anesthetic that puts surgical patients gently to sleep and allows waking with no hangover or sickness. But it’s designed…

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