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"A three panel frame shows the before picture, the predicted outcome and the actual after picture"

26 May Digital Imaging & Revision Rhinoplasty

Digital imaging (also known as computer imaging) can be the most important part of a plastic surgery consultation. In case you didn’t already know, a  computer artist feeds your current picture into a special computer. Then, the artist — working with the cosmetic plastic surgeon…

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"A woman is shown in the midst of a migraine attack"

25 May Noses for Migraine Cures?

The central part of our faces — the nose — is not only a facial structure to be admired (or, if not, changed via rhinoplasty), but increasingly also a conduit for medical treatments. Most recently, the nose is being used to administer medications that quash…

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"An angry dog is shown, perhaps in a biting mood"

16 May Cosmetic Surgeons & Dog Bite Week

Perhaps the title gives it away, but what thing do you suppose could cause a coalition to form among: Cosmetic Surgeons The U.S. Postal Service The American Society of Plastic Surgery The Insurance Information Institute The American Humane Association That’s right, dog bites. In fact,…

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"A woman is shown considering getting larger lips"

13 May Plastic Surgery Lip Augmentation

One of the most unusual findings during the annual roundup of plastic surgery statistics for 2015 is a huge increase in lip augmentation. Somewhere around 27,449 lip implant or augmentation procedures were done in 2015, a 48 percent rise since year 2000 and a 1,424…

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"A woman with an improved nose is shown in profile, before & after the no-surgical nose job"

09 May Non-Surgical Nose Job Cost

A non-surgical nose job is now offered in many places by many facial plastic surgeons. But there is a bit of a catch: You plunk down 600 to 700 of your hard-earned dollars for Restylane or Juvederm injections to fill hollow places in your nose —…

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"A young boy is shown crying because he wants a nose job"

12 Apr Childhood Trauma? Another Nose Job!

Your childhood can stay with you for a long time, well into adulthood, and can even influence grownup behavior. As it turns out, the poem, “The Child is Father to the Man” may have more validity than anybody thought. A university study revealed that children…

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"A close up shows a nose bleed after plastic surgery"

06 Apr Plastic Surgery Bleeding Risks

Bleeding is a huge concern in cosmetic plastic surgery, especially in face and neck lift cases where the incisions can be longer than others. So it’s not for nothing that in plastic surgery, surgeons will ask you to quit tobacco because nicotine reduces blood flow…

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"A British soldier in Afghanisthan shakes hands with a plastic surgeon"

30 Mar Plastic Surgeons in Afghan War

After World War I, plastic surgeons were involved in treating wounds, mostly to the face. Their efforts were crude by modern standards, but far better than what had existed before. In a sense, the road to what we have today in cosmetic plastic surgery started…

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