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I’d like to share with you what I believe makes our practice unique.

This is not a typical “plastic surgery” practice. We focus only on the six most common cosmetic facial procedures as contrasted with some practices that provide any and all services from permanent make-up, hair removal/hair transplants, collagen injections, facelifts, breast lift, tummy tucks, to all forms of reconstructive surgery, including accidents, birth defects, burns and hand surgery.

In a sense, our practice is a boutique, not a department store. Should you need services I do not perform, I will happily refer you to the most highly-specialized practitioners who have demonstrated their talents to my patients and to my satisfaction.

We believe that patients should always opt for the most specialized professional care. A high degree of specialization is generally consistent with optimal performance. One-stop shopping is rarely in the interest of the patient–especially since people have cosmetic surgery once or very infrequently. Because these are important and literally face-changing procedures, it’s very important to have successful cosmetic surgery the first time.

The aim of this consultation is to educate you. We have a large collection of before and after photographs for you to see what we have accomplished for other patients. I will also share with you my personal teaching album which demonstrates the mechanics of the operation I recommend for you, including incision location and even typical appearances, anywhere from one day to twenty years after.

You will leave the consultation with more knowledge and – if you do not already have one – a personally-inscribed copy of my book, Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon: The Expert’s Guide to Safe, Successful Surgery. It is a very thorough analysis and discussion of all the elements that comprise the cosmetic surgery experience.

You will also have a chance to see the predicted result of your procedures on our computer screen and will receive an all-inclusive fee quotation. I will discuss with you the anesthesia, the importance of a pre-operative physical exam and where you will safely and most comfortably recover after surgery. Any questions will be answered by me.

Because I’m attuned to prospective patients’ needs and understand the challenges of consulting with one or more physicians, this year I wrote The Essential Cosmetic Surgery Companion: Don’t Consult a Cosmetic Surgeon Without This Book! This will also be made available to you by request.

Now that you know what you can expect, I look forward to consulting with you and to helping you achieve your wishes.

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